3 Spiritual Steps For Handling Your Feelings!

We all have unique ways of handling our feelings, and sometimes we can let our emotions get the best of us. I’m no exception! I have the tendency to over-analyze, over-spiritualize and overly obsess about my feelings. But we’re not at the mercy of our emotions–we just have to know how to handle them. I recently created 3 Spiritual Steps for Handling My Feelings, and in this vlog I share them with you. These steps have greatly served me, and I hope they help save you time and energy when it it comes to working through your feelings. In this video I also announce the paperback launch of Spirit Junkie!

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Gabrielle is the best-selling author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~ing to Your Life. Check out her forthcoming lecture, God is My Publicist.

  • Jcev75

    so needed this today! Thank you! Responding to situations is so much easier on our spirits than reacting. I will definitely use these three steps! 🙂

    Be blessed!

  • Mel

    I needed this right now. I mean RIGHT NOW. Thank you!!!

  • Thank you Gabby 🙂 Needed now

  • lizilynx

    This is GREAT!  THANK YOU!! Would you consider doing  a Part 2 on this subject? :o)