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5 steps to gain more confidence.

I just got back from Bali and am sooooo excited for Star Wars this weekend. I am going to see the film four times between tomorrow and Saturday. Are you excited, too?

Ok, I digress… (but seriously, I’m excited!)

This week, we discuss how you can gain more confidence. This is not the same as becoming egotistical. You can be confident without letting your ego run the show.

Also: this will be the last Claim Your Power TV of the year. I’ll be back in your inbox early January with brand new training and episodes of Claim Your Power TV. I’m going to be with Jenna and her family in North Carolina.

This is Jenna’s favorite time of year, so I’m going to be with her!

One of the most important parts of bringing your purpose to life is having confidence. Without confidence, you can never truly live your purpose.

Without confidence, nothing happens.

Many of my clients have had a moment in their past where they lost their confidence. Perhaps because of a trauma. Or perhaps because of a “failure”. Or an injury. Or because someone else told them they weren’t enough and then they believed them.

Have you had a moment or moments where you felt like you lost your confidence? Worry not, you can get it back. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

As Star Wars draws near, summon the power of The Force and let’s find your confidence again.

But seriously, you have a unique gift to give this world. You have a special and Divine purpose. You’re meant for more than your current circumstances. And it’s not egoic to think so. It’s needed to truly bring your purpose to life.

Then, after you’ve watched this week’s episode here’s your assignment:

1. Tell me how you are going to take your confidence back.
2. Name one grounded way that you will apply #1. (Be specific).
3. Imagine what 2016 will look like with this new habit, tell me what your life will look like one year from now if you apply #1 each and every day.

When you find your confidence, you take the first step to bring your purpose to life. Do it for you. Do it for those that you love. Do it for those whose life will be impacted with your bold new choice.

Leave a comment below and claim it.

Much love, Happy Holidays & may the Force be with you – always,


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[Begin transcript]

Welcome to Claim Your Power TV! I’m your host Mastin Kipp, where each week we guide you to live your purpose with passion! Quick disclaimer: This will be our last Claim Your Power TV of the year. We’re taking the last two weeks of the year off so that we can reset and recharge. We will be back in your inbox and online with more videos in early January.

But this week’s video is 5 steps to gain more confidence. I think confidence, self-confidence, is perhaps one of the most important attributes or virtues that you could have. Now I’m going to be really crystal clear – confidence is not the same thing as being egotistical. A lot of people think that, oh I’m so confident, I’m in my ego. No. Confidence is the ability to believe in your intuition and your higher power and put it into practice and to act on what you know to be true.

That’s ultimately what confidence is. It’s to act on what you know to be true.

And there are five steps to really develop and cultivate this confidence.

The first step is admit the truth. Number one. Simple and easy. Admit the truth. Actually, I should take that back. It’s simple but not easy. When we admit the truth, “I don’t love you anymore,” “I eat Cinnabon every night before bed and wonder why I don’t lose weight,” or “I’m really struggling being a parent” (because no one’s supposed to admit that), or “I’m really having a hard time in this relationship,” or “I really hate my job,” whatever that truth is, you can’t have confidence if you’re lying to yourself. So the first thing is you have to admit what’s true for you.

And then do what my friend Mary Morrissey says: Do it afraid. Live your life afraid. It’s okay. The storms will come. The rise and the fall will come. The darkness will come. I’ve talked about this earlier that cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. Do it afraid. It’s okay to do it afraid because when you do it afraid, you’ll start to recognize that life will prove your fears wrong. So you want to do it afraid.

Third, you want to surround yourself with people who support you. How could you possibly have confidence if you’re constantly surrounded by people who are talking crap about you? Think about that. If you’re surrounded by people who say, “You’re not enough. You’ll never amount to anything. You’re never going to do it anyway. This is all just a bunch of crap or bullshit,” or whatever it might be. Will you ever truly have self-confidence? The answer is I don’t think so. Right? So you want to start to consciously and intentionally surround yourself with people who can lift you up and who help you believe in yourself because you can certainly believe in yourself but you’ve got to have a tribe. Marianne Williamson calls this her Positivity Team. So you’ve got to have your Positivity Team or your tribe to help pick you back up when you doubt yourself, to remember how awesome you are.

And fourth, you want to celebrate the small wins. Let’s say you want to lose 100 pounds. You lost one pound – celebrate that! You’re one pound less! Let’s say that you want to make a million dollars and you made five – celebrate the $5. This really taps you into the attitude of abundance and gratitude because really big wins, quantum leaps in growth happen with a lot of little, tiny steps in between. So you want to get focused on celebrating and staying in that celebratory energy of celebrating the small wins.

And then finally, Oprah said this and I thought it was so incredible what gives her confidence. She gets confidence by knowing that she is supported by a power greater than herself. So when you feel small and when you feel like you’re not enough, feel supported and know that you are supported by a power greater than yourself. This could be God or the Divine or Source or your Spirit Guides, whatever that word is for you – don’t get caught up in the semantics, but know that you are supported by a higher power. So, if the problem feels really big, what have you done to yourself? You’ve made yourself very small. So if you’re feeling small in the face of adversity or in the face of a problem, know that you have infinite intelligence – God, Source, Spirit, your Guides – there to support you. And so you can turn it over and say, “You know what, God? You know what, Source? You know what, Divine? I’m having a hard time with this. Back me up. I need your help.” And when you make that prayer, prayers are always answered the moment that they are received.

So to recap, admit the truth, do it afraid, surround yourself with people who lift you up, celebrate the little wins and lean on your higher power. If you do these things, you will certainly be on the path of confidence.

I just love that Oprah quote about confidence. When I heard her say that recently, it just really blew me away. How else could you really, truly have confidence? If you think you’re doing it by yourself and you’re in your ego… You know, A Course in Miracles says that the lies, that the ego believes ‘in my solitude my salvation lies.’ And that’s not true.

It’s when you know that you’re supported by a higher power or when you ask for help from that support tribe, that’s what starts to give you confidence.

So my great wish for you is to implement this stuff. I know it’s the holiday time. I know sometimes it can be hard to do this during the holidays. But find your positivity tribe, admit the truth to yourself, do it afraid, celebrate those small wins and surrender your will and ask for that Divine help because it WILL show up. Be receptive to whatever comes your way.

So you might be watching this video over on Facebook or over on YouTube. I’d invite you to come on over to TheDailyLove.com and below this video let me know, and this is important, let me know how you’re going to implement these 5 steps to gain more confidence. Let me know how you’re going to implement these so you can start to apply it. I don’t want this to just be another video that you watch. I want you to really step into and apply these things. That’s what lights me up – when you see real transformation in your life. And the way that you see transformation is by the application of knowledge. You might think that knowledge is power, but that’s not true. Applied knowledge is power. Knowledge that’s acted upon, that is truly powerful.

The other thing is I’d invite you to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so that you can get instant updates for when we have a new video coming out. And also over at TheDailyLove.com enter your name and email address and you can get updates and special surprises I only send through email. But most importantly, and as always here at Claim Your Power TV, my greatest wish is that you get out there, take action and make it real. Have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in the New Year in 2016! Lots of Love!

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