Nisha Moodley, Author at Daily Love with Mastin Kipp
Nisha Moodley

About Nisha Moodley

I work with changemakers: Women who want to make a big difference and have big, bold dreams; Women who value sisterhood, creativity and contribution; Women who value play, curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking; Freedom-chasers who want their one-of-a-kind business to align with an adventurous life. I am their thinking-partner, creative collaborator and freedom-focused coach. I help them give and live big.

I speak and I write about what it means to live fierce, fabulous and free. I talk about the imperative for women to choose freedom, the many facets of freedom, and how to create more of it today. I talk about the need to live now, since now is all we have. I write poetry.

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