A Connection To The Uni-verse: Essential For The Journey Home!

 The Uni-verse is the one that causes, creates, or initiates.

If you look into the night sky and are filled with awe and wonder and question if maybe, just perhaps, there might be the slightest chance that there was something bigger than yourself at force, something that had a hand in creating such mind-boggling magnificence of staggering magnitude, then you are in luck!

You are already qualified to have a personal relationship with The Uni-verse.

It’s that simple!

Being imposed upon by my father’s intolerant religion created a huge and inconsolable pit of shame for me, which haunted me for most of my life. I felt that the intolerance of his faith hijacked my divine birthright to be connected, held and loved unconditionally by The Uni-verse. It created a lifetime of pain, confusion and hurt to myself and others. So growing up my natural defense was to run a million miles from organized religion.

Thankfully my strong spiritual hunger was never completely crushed by the religious messages that were loaded onto me. In my early 20’s I bought a one-way ticket to India and spent one blissful year soaking up the spirituality that tickles your senses at every turn. I visited the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar. I went to Bodh Gaya where Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and reached enlightenment, and I visited the village of Dharamsala high up in the Himalayan mountains, which is where the Dalai Lama has lived since he fled his native Tibet.

I can remember sitting for two days in my $1.50 per night lodge in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan trying to bend a spoon with my mind! (It never bent.)

Ironically it wasn’t a year in India, or listening to monks chanting in Dharamsala that was the catalyst to my spiritual connection to The Uni-verse.

Ironically, my complete midlife meltdown, which brought me to my knees, was the catalyst that brought me to the deep and meaningful connection I have with The Uni-verse today.

Through getting help for my coping mechanisms/addictions in a 12-Step program, I was guided to travel with my mind to a place in nature that resonated for me, and then get very still and just listen.

Until that point I never really understood that prayer is talking to The Uni-verse, while meditation is listening to The Uni-verse. And for me listening has become way more powerful than talking.

I have a meditation area in my home complete with artifacts from my travels to India, as well as symbols of the various spiritual masters of the world. (And yes, it includes a wood carved image of baby JC being held by his mother, which I bought in Mexico.) I have acorns from the oak tree in Africa where my dad’s ashes were sprinkled at our family farm and there are other items that are powerful symbols to me that help me connect to The Uni-verse.  I burn some sage, which is part of the First Nations Sweat Lodge cleansing ritual, to get me grounded.

And then I get really still and just listen.

And when I listen instead of ask, I open myself up to transformational gifts that could only possibly come from a power greater than myself.

So do you have a tangible connection to a power greater than yourself?

If not, would you be willing to get really quiet and just listen?

You may just find that The Uni-verse has been patiently waiting for you all this time to greet you as you Journey Home.

Much Love & Welcome Home,


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Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of “The Daily Way Home.”  He has also been an actor, a commercial pilot, a business co-owner and an events coordinator at a Major City Art Gallery.

  • Moren

    Thanks, trying to listen.

    •  Isn’t that ironic and I DO agree with you that listening is not a skill most of us earthlings are very adept at.

      A friend reminded me, “Universe gave us 2 ears and 2 eyes and only 1 mouth so use the things you have the most of.”

      Thanks for reading my blogs and fueling my Purpose forward.

      Happy Inner Divinity


    •  Hi Cad,

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. The day I connected to the Universe through meditation I asked the question ” Where have you been all this time” Universe answered ” Iv’e been here waiting for you all this time.”

      And then a sobbed uncontrollably for a very long time.

      We are born free and perfect in the eyes of Source. Our Journey on earth is to come home to this realization.

      Happy Inner Divinity

  • Lee Lloyd

    Grace and Peace,
    Thank you, I will listen to the universe.

    •  Hi Lee,

      The most powerful part of my healing Journey was the day I connected to Source through Meditation.

      For the first time in my life I felt held, supported, loved and non judged.

      Peace be the Journey.


  • Eeea Anderson

    Wow…thank you, this resonated with me immensely.

    • Ryf

       Thank You Eeea. Cool name.

      TDWH has been a powerful part of my healing Journey and your support encourages my Journey Forward.

      Happy Inner Divivnty

  • Ali

    thank you for sharing. I am beginning to listen to the universe.

    I have just lost a wonderful son and somehow, my connection with the universe helped to cushion my physical loss. I will listen more.   

    • Ryf

      Thanks for your vulnerability and your sharing.

      I am spending Christmas with my best friend who lost both her young sons 26 and 27 within the space of one year recently by freak vehicle accidents.

      The universe wraps you and your son in a loving and safe embrace as do I.

      I hope you find some peace during this time.

      Much Love


  • Naralove143

    My life is so chaotic at times that I feel like I’m just trying (shouting) to be heard over all the commotion. I’m starting to think the trick here is not to shout but to quiet my spirit and listen…