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A contrarian holiday experience!

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I love this time of year. I really do. Why? Well – it’s a great time to connect with family and friends in a less than hurried way. But I have to be honest – I enjoy this time of year for a much different reason.

This is a GREAT time of year to get creative. I love this time of year because there is less of a pull from others on my time, so I can really focus and get creative. Every year I have a “holiday project” that I do – it’s some form of creative expression that I’ve been putting off for some time. The creation process usually starts mid-December and then goes through mid-January.

This year my holiday project is finishing my Hay House book. It’s exciting. I’m about half done and have set aside a TON of time so that I can finish it before my 31st birthday on January 12th.

I love connecting with family and taking time away from work during the Holidays, but honestly I live my life like that most of the time. I live my life like it’s Christmas. I don’t wait until December 25th to give a gift. If I see something that I think someone else will like, I get it for them in the moment. I’ve never liked waiting around for Christmas or only being “kind” or connecting with my friends and family during this time of the year.

The other sort of contrarian thing I try to do over the holidays is actually lose weight. It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and the holiday “slide,” where we easily “slide” away from our healthy eating patterns because everyone else is. Well – every year during the holidays I also go on a health kick.

So, this year I am also on a weight loss program that is a little more extreme than normal and part of what I’m giving up for the holidays is sugar – processed and natural. All vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins – that’s it for me. I will sneak ONE Christmas cookie because the Love of my life – Jenna – is making them. But that is it.

No crazy desserts. No holiday bulge. No eating so much that I have to let my pants out.

This is such a great time to actually rest and take care of my body and get creative that – at least for this year – it seems silly to use this time to get fat, get foggy and delay the things I want most – creative fulfillment and bodily health. These two things allow me to show up so much better in my relationship, for you, my daily lover, and for all those in my life.

So many years I used to let the holidays be an excuse to let myself go. Now – don’t get me wrong. I know how to let myself go. I do it all the time. But – when we talk about starting a New Year – I believe that how you end and start a year says a lot about how that year will go for you. So, I always try my best to end and start the year creating projects and health – minus of course, that one holiday cookie that my Love Jenna made!

How can you use the holiday time wisely to get a jump start on your dreams and healthy body? Do you even want to? I’m curious!

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