A Delay Is Not A Denial

There are SUPER frustrating times on The Path. Instead of fighting against frustrating times with more frustration, anger and resentment, take a higher road today.

Remember, a delay is not a denial. The Uni-verse’s timing is always perfect and if something isn’t quite manifesting yet, there is a reason. So, today, instead of choosing to be angry, hurt or just plain ole pissed off, take a BIIIIG DEEP BREATH and know that everything is happening in perfect time. It might piss you off to know that it’s not happening in YOUR time, but it is happening in the perfect time.

Do what you can do that’s within your power today and let go of the rest. There’s no use letting the things you can’t control dictate your level of happiness.

So, instead of choosing frustration because you think you won’t be provided for or taken care of, choose to see the circumstance through the eyes of faith, and then relax, let it go and enjoy the rest of your day doing what you can.

We are not all powerful beings, though sometimes our ego would like us to think we are. There is also a tremendous gift in not always getting what you want. There are gentle and compassionate Hands that are guiding your life.

So instead of fighting against what you cannot control today, let go and choose to see the delay as a miracle in disguise sent by One who loves you, who has your best interest in mind and Who is setting up an even greater outcome than you can now imagine.



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • Thank you..

    I always get inspired by your blogs. I am thankful there are people out there who are reaching out to those who are still in search of themselves. You make me remember things I shouldn’t forget, that I am part of a greater plan, I am too0 small to see.
    Thanks this is perfect for me..

    Keep it up. Keep inspiring.

  • interesting theory …. if ur looking as a higher force like God, then its a possibility. or could be another force depending on ur choices one makes that sets forth the motions of ones actions.

  • Zara

    I oooooo agree with this and it gives me some comfort but I still feel frustrated and impatient from time to time that things aren’t moving as quickly as they should. I have faith, I believe God is guiding my life, but if I can’t have what I want what will I end up with, will I be happy with it when it does eventually arrive, will my future be safe and secure???? I have so many doubts, I know. I look forward to, and feel terrified of the future all at the same time. It’s taking so long I’m losing hope of ever finding happiness and fulfillment. The thought that I might not get what I want fills me with a grief I can’t shake off even though I know deep down it might not be in my best interests. Waiting is very hard, you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting. Meanwhile the years roll by one after another and nothing is happening.
    Your words give me comfort, reassurance and patience to hang on a bit longer. I hope I make it.

  • Wonderful words, Martin. My ex-trainer, Katrina Hodgson sent me to you. (Even as I mourn Katrina’s move to California I am delighted at what she’s done with http://www.toneitup.com.)

    I love your words on delay. It’s been my experience that as I rush toward something trying to “make it happen” that it takes much more energy and trouble than it can be worth. The timing isnt’ always right.

    Yet when it allow the delay to be there, relax around it things tend to work out in the perfect way.

    Thanks for being a great tuning fork for us.

  • Li

    Thank you for this gentle reminder. I needed it.


  • You are an amazing human being and I enjoy reading your daily posts<3

  • Damascus Girl

    This was a BEAUTIFUL article. Truly, the sentiments conveyed are what most of us need at various points in our lives. I don’t mean to put a damper on things, but i’d like to put something out there for others to think about….That is, sometimes a delay IS a denial. There are some things that never happen to us despite our deepest wishes and efforts. For example, the desire to have children…there are certain laws of nature that prevent women from having children after a certain age. Early menopause. Not finding the right spouse. Sometimes for cultural or religious reasons, a woman is prevented from, or has a great deal of difficulty finding a life partner.
    That doesn’t mean that there isn’t wisdom behind the denials. It just means that there isn’t always a happy ending. Sometimes, we really do have to search for “alternatives” to the things we thought would bring us true fulfillment; and unfortuntely, for some, those alternatives don’t bring total fulfillment and remain substitutes.
    But we all need hope! And this article is very powerful particularly if you believe in a higher power such as God, who is the best of life planners even if we don’t realize it.
    In the words of Rumi…don’t grieve because what you have lost will come around in another form. That other form could be a life lesson, or, it could be something that we never imagined. Or, it could be Heaven!

  • LOVE this Mastin! When this happens to me I say, “The Universe is conspiring in my favor, even now!”

  • monique

    LOVE This message….and i am not just reading it i feel it

  • Wonderfully written. I am grateful for your intuitive spirit and ability to write. Thank you.

  • Cindy Frishanti

    Your blog always inspiring me. Thank you so much. Maybe this is a reason why you write the blog, to teach and take lesson from it. Once again, thank you for this reminder. May God bless us all.

  • Ed Powers

    I’ve always had a problem with fatalism. Even if you believe in God and his gentle hands guiding you through the universe, or however it was you put it, I think there’s a danger in always accepting things the way they are. Frustration can be channeled into the energy required to make a change in you life or in the world. You do write well.

  • Gbemi

    I always found waiting difficult.But i have learnt patience in this season,i know that every delay , frustration and disappointment, even betrayal such as i have had to endure can and shall be erased with the Lord’s masterstroke when He is ready!!! so there…..

  • erli

    love this message. I just discussed my delay issue with my husband, and he complained why I didn’t listen to him starting to do the things right away instead felt sorry and regret later.

    I knew I was lack selfconfidence at the time, but it was past, my husband made me felt worse now.

    This message help me think positive way.

  • smc

    I needed to see the quotes of the day today. I am amazed at how God works in our lives. Timing is everything! I put off a dream many years ago because of fear and other concerns but I have a meeting today to revisit the idea. I must say delaying the dream felt like failure; however, today I have to wonder if the delay was not failure but rather the gift of time. Time to gain new life experiences that I can use to be successful and help others. Time to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I don’t know what the meeting will bring today but I am certain that it is another step on the journey of life.