The Art Of Dream Catching (Part 1)

chrisassaadSome will tell you that there’s real life, and then there’s the kind of life we all wish we had that we can only dream about. There’s the world of making rent, paying bills, changing diapers, failed relationships and meeting deadlines on one side – reality. And then there are experiences like traveling the world, falling in love, creative fulfillment and freedom on the other – dreams.

So which is it? Which one do we get to experience in this life we’re living?

The truth is that it’s both. Life isn’t always smooth sailing (nor is it meant to be) and we will all inevitably experience hurdles and challenges in our personal and professional lives no matter who we are, where we come from, what we do, what we have or what we know. That’s just how it is, plain and simple.

Money comes and goes. Not all relationships last forever. Not every wish gets granted. And these bodies we live in are not bulletproof. Reality.

But what about dreams? Are those just fictitious mind movies that we only get to experience in our imagination? Are they just the world we get temporarily transported to when we are in deep sleep or when we zone out from our present time and space?

No f’in way! Dreams are real too. We all have them and we can all live them.

So the question is: How do we bring our dreams to life?

Ever since I was a kid, I always had a big appetite for life’s greatest possibilities. A few years ago, I left behind a budding law career to pursue my love for music and honor my creative yearning. I decided to listen to that spirited inner calling that spoke to me so clearly when I was young, and I’ve been on a crazy ride ever since. Since then, I’ve had my share of ups and downs and I’ve also become passionate about the art of dream catching.

I’ve discovered a thing or two about what it takes to bring our dreams to life and I want to share the best of what I’ve learned and expose some common misconceptions about what it really means to live your dreams.

Dream Catching Tip 1: Take Daily Action To Bring Your Dreams To Life

One of the biggest thing that keeps us from living our dreams is the belief that they are not possible. So many of us have become so resigned and cynical. We believe that our dreams will never come true so we might as well not even bother wishing, let alone actually doing something about.

Well, guess what? If you say it’s so, then it’s so. That’s like saying you want to win the lottery but never buying a ticket or saying you want to win an Oscar and never going to an audition. Believing in your visions and taking consistent action to make them possible is the key to firing up the engine to the dream machine.

What’s a dream you’ve forgotten about or given up on? Is there a small action you can take today to revive it?

Much love,

PS: Tune in next week for part two.


Chris Assaad is a singer/songwriter and inspirational artist from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to pursue his dream of a career in music. Since then, Chris has been actively using his voice to enCOURAGE others to follow their dreams, express their creativity and live life to the fullest.

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  • I love this, Chris!! TAKE ACTION! Truly, that IS the first step towards achieving our dreams. As you said, we can’t see a dream fulfilled if we don’t DO anything about it. If it remains a thought in our head.

    I just love your spirit and energy. I love how you always remind us that we CAN do anything, we CAN make our dreams come true, it just takes persistence and action. And believing in ourselves. My current dream is to be a wildly successful writer. I thought at first that meant fiction novel writing. I’ve written a couple. But lately a new interest has arisen within me. Copywriting. MIght sound dull (it did to me too, til I learned what it REALLY was). I’m taking an online course in it right now, and LOVING it! It really seems to fit me, my interests, and what I want for my life. Then there’s the fear… that I won’t make it in the profession, that I won’t be good enough, that I’ll lose interest…. That’s what I’m reminding myself to let go of and not worry about. If I WANT to do it, I CAN! If I put my mind to it, persist, put in the work, learn the stuff, and work at it, I WILL succeed. I do believe that. I just have to stay patient and trust the process. It won’t necessarily happen overnight. Most things don’t.

    I’m recently identifying that as one of my own barriers to success and abundance. I expect things to happen quickly, and when they don’t, I move on. Well… by constantly moving, I’m not giving abundance and success much of a chance to grow. Of course, I also feel that the jobs and professions I’ve tried up until now weren’t really what I wanted to do…. so as soon as I figured THAT out, I did move on, and I’m glad I did. But this time, I think this could be great for me. So I’m going down the path. 🙂

    Thanks for your writing! I always look forward to your blogs.


  • Susan Brown

    Marriage and children. I have achieved so many of my dreams and more that I never considered that I have become frustrated with the dream of having a husband and children which seems so easy for some people. I know I will have them someday but I don’t know the steps I need to take to make this dream a reality.

    • LM

      Dear Susan, I have counseled many of my single friends on how to find the right guy. Here’s my best shot at a summary. What seems to be your problem? Do you fall in love too easily? Are you cynical (the frustration you describe)? Do you believe in a man’s words versus his actions? If you do those things, stop. Start by filling your life with activities you love, what fills you up? All my girlfriends hate that but the point is that if you are enjoying your life and your life is full without the man, that is when love will come.

      Keep your heart open and don’t fall in love too fast. The 2 friend that took my advice are married now. One friend volunteered at a local park. It wasn’t the right thing for her so she switched to volunteer at a live theatre. The point is to be seeking YOUR full life as a single person. It doesn’t matter if the interest you pursue turns out not so interesting, if so change to something else. Classes for example. But keep trying things, so that if you go on a date, you don’t fall too fast. Many men have the same problem and fall in love too quickly and if they seem too excited about you too soon, YOU need to put on the brakes and not be available 3 times a week. Start with once a week and be sure he is consistent at being the pursuer. I hate to say it but, guys like the challenge of the hunt, they are born this way. When he asks you to pick the place, tell him you like to be invited, could he please pick the place?

      Be nice, enjoy yourself and be you but if you have more in your life you can be serious that you only have time right now to see him once a week, right now . You can say that you are so enjoying your time together but don’t give in on your availability and don’t buy into his words about how pretty and luscious you are until he shows that he is consistently contacting you. He needs to know you are before those words can mean more than just flattery. See how often he contacts you. If you don’t hear from him at least once or twice a week, let him go, he’s not serious.

      All 3 of my girlfriends attested to the fact that the guys that are the most over-the-top, seemingly crazy about you from the first 3 dates, we’re also the ones that might not call for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, some not ever again. Those are not the actions of a guy who really wants a relationship with you, he just wants somebody to call when he’s lonely. Do not date a guy who has kids that are younger than 18, preferably NO kids at all. You don’t want somebody with split attentions. Plus, if he has kids, there is a good chance he doesn’t want any more. The guys that are really solid are the ones that understand it takes time to really know somebody. So you need to be patient and let him lead, ask him to lead as I noted above.

      Finally, don’t worry if you mess up, there is always another chance. If my friends at age 55 can find it, you can. I don’t mean to sound like the book “the rules” which I have never read but the point is that you need to be courted and cherished. I believe in full power for women and girls but some things are hormone born and you just can’t mess with it.

      I will put in my psychic phone call to the universe for you.

  • Tami Orloff

    Beautifully said. thank you.