A game changing practice to harness fear into power!

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I know that I am on the brink of BIG change in my life when I feel fear. Not the kind of fear you feel when you see a dangerous person in a dark alley, I’m talking about the kind of fear that only BIG change can bring.

For me, when opportunity comes, I usually want to hide in my bed or under something. I want to retreat and not go out into the world. It is EXACTLY moments like this that I know I must keep going.

What’s funny is that in moments like this in the past, when I wanted to retreat, I would retreat. But what’s ironic and funny about that is when we don’t act because we are afraid, we stay stuck in the thing we’re afraid of.

Does that make sense?

Not acting because we are afraid is what keeps us afraid and typically not acting; because we are afraid is what MANIFESTS the outcomes we are afraid of.

It’s totally ironic how that works, isn’t it?

So, what we must do is SLOWLY start to prove our fear wrong. And RIGHT before any major breakthrough is when fear is at its greatest. This is a pattern I see ALL the time in my life, especially recently because I’ve had to step out into a lot of unknowns lately. And what’s cool is that on the other end, I always come through the other side OK. So my NEW practice is to apply the feeling of being OK BEFORE I step into what I’m afraid of, and hold that mindset as I’m going through the fear.

It’s a powerful practice!

So, what areas of your life are you afraid to embrace? What action are you not taking out of fear? Can you see that you are holding your own expansion back by NOT taking action? As always, the action happens in the comments below. Leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

  • Bee

    I have the opportunity to move to a new area where there are many opportunities. When weighing the pros and cons this seems like the best move for me, yet I am afraid of the change it will bring, being uprooted from everything that I know. But as of today, I am embracing it!

    • Have faith that The Divine walks WITH you!

  • Thehealthc

    Your loyal fan from South Africa here again 🙂

    Today was the first time I listened to the audio blog and I think with all the major transformations I have made through the Love Uni-Versity I have such a positive, open-spirited state in reaction to hearing your voice. Hearing your voice anchors feelings of major  ripple effect postive change and “its possible and its ok”  so I am loving the audio blog version! 

    You know this was huge for me today to read this because I have had several convo’s with loved one’s about this sorta theme and it was hazy and confusing as I have had quite a tough few weeks in terms of breaking past my fear barrier and clearing out toxic people in my life or as I called it “pruning the friendship tree” although for me it was more family than friends who needed to go. And for years I was so afraid that I could never do it and just last night “it’ happened. by. force. And I realised to myself that sometimes in life, life pushes you in directions that you ought to have found for yourself! My drug-addict brother is gone as well as my drug enabler and selfish, abusive man I call my “father” is also out of my life. And when we had the discussion yesterday, there were tears and random apologies that were YEARS overdue and through the principles I have learnt from Mastin I thought I would react in my usual panic – anxiety attack  as I have since I was 16 years old but I was like the eye in the storm and left the discussion feeling so grateful for that experience and thankful for the change because I trusted my Source and I knew through being LOVE in this situation and beyond I am safe. And safe isn’t the wordly concept for me. Its an ethereal inner peace knowing that can only come from truth.  Now that toxic people are out my life I feel I have made space for healthy fear which will come as I focus on transitioning into my dream career.. All thanks to Actualizing your soul’s goals Love Uni-Versity program.

    I think I have rambled here and I really do apologize if so  – I guess I have learnt so much and truly have made so much  positive shifts since “knowing” Mastin. 
    I really just want to thank Mastin for challenging his fears and having the guts, balls whatever to push forth with the Daily Love – its changed my life in more ways than I could ever explain on this note. And I am a young Mom and these principles are being taught to my Daughter so please feel me when I say – thank you.. 

    • You are MORE than welcome! I am SO glad that Love U and TDL is having such a profound effect on your life! :o) Keep giving your gift and give South Africa a KISS for Jenna and me!

  • Michelle

    I was stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship for almost 30 years, out of fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of being unable to care for myself (he made me feel as if I was too stupid, useless, to be able to do so), fear of what he would do to me or my kids if I left.  It wasn’t until daily life became worse than my fears, the thought of living another day the same way was worse than the fear of living on the street, that I overcame it and took the first step.  and I haven’t looked back.  I might still end up on the street, but it is better than living in fear.

    • Mirjam

      I admire your honesty and your courage Michelle, love Mirjam

    • Michelle-  you WILL be guided to a better life! Congrats on taking the leap!

    • Joanie42163

      Michelle – I also left an abusive relationship after 25 years. My  ex also made me feel that I couldn’t  make it without him. Life is so much better now. I finally have calmness inside of me. I have three kids with him and he constantly blamed me for everything. Heres to empowerment. I wish you love and light in creating a newm life for YOU.

  • TM

    Ahh this is totally true! I’ve been procrastinating in quite a few areas because I am either afraid of the outcome or because I feel that I am not ready. And in this regard this blog has helped me to realize how silly this is. Thinking back on it, every time I faced my fears head on- things never really turned out as bad as I thought they would! The Divine is really much more forgiving to us and our life situations than we are to ourselves…

  • PJFD

    Wow, Mastin! This is exactly what I’m going throgh now. Fear of taking the next step. I feel like an Olympic high-diver; I’ve practiced and become strong, I’ve climbed up the long, tall ladder, I’ve walked to the edge of the platform. I can feel the Universe, like an expectant crowd, silently cheering me on. I close my eyes, take a deep breath…..
    And I’m still holding my breath. In this moment, this crucial moment, I am afraid. But I know I’m not going backwards. All my work on this path has lead me here, all the struggle and heartbreak and victories and miracles have lead me to this very time in my life… And it’s time to trust, have faith, and LEAP!

  • Carol

    great blog post today! i just started following you and you couldn’t be more accurate.
    i also force myself to face the challenges/fears put in front of me and on the other end i take a nice clean breathe of fresh air and realize it wasn’t that hard! like you said, it’s having that feeling going into the fear 🙂 

    you’re doing a great job sharing your insight!

  • Michele

    This one hits the mark again, Mastin! 

    Today I know that the next career postion for me is out there, but I tell you the “I am not enough” song seems to be playing in my head trying to keep me from the networking that I need to engage in to take me to the door that is just waiting for me to open. Funny how that during the increase in fear is a good indicator that BREAKTHROUGH is near…the key to it being my will, my choosing to ACT or stay on this not so merry go ’round! I had not made this correlation before reading your blog.  

    Thanks for this very affirming and courage-building word today!

  • Kris

    I love today’s  blog Mastin…though it has made me super uncomfortable. I had just today decided NOT to do something that brought up fear in me but would be a very wise thing for me to do. I know it was fear stopping me but I didn’t care…it feels too uncomfortable and I just admitted to myself that I don’t have the balls to step through that.
    Reading this has made me reconsider seriously….and I actually feel physically sick sitting here thinking about it – that’s how much fear this action inspires in me. I have to be honest – I still don’t WAN’T to do it and I’m still not sure I will…but you’ve got me uncomfortable and got me questioning…and that’s a start at least!

    • Kris – when you get uncomfortable you know something is up!!

  • Brooke

    Thank you for the mirror that you are and having God speak to me through you daily is a blessing and a gift. Thank you mirror Mastin. I LOVE YOU

    • And you as well Brooke – we are all channels if we want to be!

  • When the fear is the greatest we are about stepping over the next threshold! 

  • I listened to the audio version today, this was exactly what I needed to hear! Just yesterday I came across the BIG FEAR, I’m not enough, and realized that running and hiding was not the answer anymore. I am going to confront this fear and prove it wrong. Thanks for the encouragement and confirmation!

    • you are so welcome Erica! Glad u are diggin the audio blog!

  • I made a promise.  A promise I now am unwilling to keep to serve love. My parents bought me a house when I was 24 years old. My father called it, My “F-YOU” house (And he RARELY swears.) It was given just in case my FUTURE husband decides to leave me. A conditional gift based in fear and the imagined future. My father made me promise to NEVER put the house in anyone’s name. My parents are unaware and innocent. It is my lesson. My husband and I have been together for 10 years. He has NEVER looked at my house as anything but MINE. I thought all was good; I KNEW deep down it was creating separation. The first pathway to a Higher Consciousness states, “I am freeing myself of security, sensation, and power addictions that make me try to forcefully control situations in my life; and thus, destroy my serenity and keep me from loving myself or others’.” I am now willing to break my promise and create oneness with my husband based on love. After all, I told him that we were starting over after 10 years. I am serving fear and creating an unwillingness to tell my father. For he was my GOD for many years. My mentor said, “Create the willingness and then you will know if you are going to tell your dad.” My dad owned me for years with this house. I chose to sell my soul for it. I haven’t even blogged about it due to my fear of my parents’ reading it. I am going through a major breakthrough and I am willing to be “OK” and move right through. Thanks Mastin. Your Daily Commenter, Kathleen   butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/ 

    • Stacih

      Good for you Kathleen! I have another friend who’s trying to find the breakthrough also. I’m sending your words to her in hopes she doesn’t feel so alone in her journey. Best wishes to you living in peace and joy.

      • Thanks Staci!  I hope she creates comfort in reading them.  I told my husband today and he did not want to accept. He did not think it was necessary. I told him that the promise I had made energetically was serving fear. I trust that in letting go of my “So-called” security, I will be FREE. Shedding layer by layer of addictions is not easy AND it is soooo worth it.  Many blessings to you. 

  • Ellie

    I recently turned 50 and have the opportunity for a new career, way different than what I am doing now.  The problem is, I will be making less money however, I will have a pension when I retire and periodical raises, not so at my current job.  My boss has been good to me but also has not.  It’s a difficult situation for me and I’m having a hard time deciding whether to take this leap. The process will be about 8 months of interviewing, background check, psychological, etc. Do I tell my boss now if I am going to do it or wait till about 2 months before when the process is more advanced? Sooo confused!!

  • Neca

    I’m afraid to fall in love again.  The opportunity has presented itself again, and I’m debating on whether or not the possible outcome (having a wonderful relationship) is worth the risk.

  • I find that all the poor choices I have ever made were based on fear. I still struggle with it. My current fear is that despite what I do to move forward, it won’t do me any good, that it’s too late for me to have a happy life.

  • Angie

    tomorrow  I have a HUGE interview for an internship program! im so afraid (nervous) that makes me think that i wont pass the interview and i wont enter the program!! I’ve been searching for only positive thoughts to attract positive results! I know Im prepared and have the skills to enter this program, but this moment of fear its making me crazy

  • <3

  • StaciH

    Fear has surrounded me for a while now. Taking steps in directions that feel right and powering through the unknown. If anything, my current journey had taught me to have patience.  Thanks Mastin for TDL to support me and stay on course until the right path is revealed. The wild ride with be worth it and can’t wait to see what turns up.

  • I once heard or read a quote that opened the eyes of my heart..
    “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”
    This has been my experience. Action with a community of DailyLovers has been what supports me along my Path!
    Thanks Mastin

  • Thanks for email today… you have played the Divine Mirror to my inner world in this moment, and you’ve given me additional support to work through the fear and go even farther than I’ve gone before.

    Cheers Mastin,

  • Eric Tan

    I was in the business of net work marketing for the last 4 years and how i come about over coming my fear of meeting people to do my presentation is be grateful that my prospects gave their valuable time to listen to me and my purpose of doing this business is my 3 sons education that i am going to give them the best.                                          Gratefulness + Purpose = Fearless

    Until today i am still struggling with my business i still take it as a challenge in life that i will not give up for my true purpose of intention in life after all i only live once so i might as well make it to the best without regrets when i have my last breathe. Keep on, strife on and my success in life is only inches away.Though at times i am down with no business and no one believes in me but i will never surrender, weakness will not be in my heart when i see my 3 fine teenage boys growing up. They are my drive and my inspiration to be a champion in life.  

    Martin your blog is my backbone of inspiration and the strength to keep me on with all your beautiful daily messages. I have no other words to express but a simple gratefulness of thank you for you have serve mankind well beyond self. Thank you. 

  • Leah Binkley

    What if you aren’t sure what that fear is? How do you get into that feeling?

    Thanks for the post!

  • angel

    OmG..synchronicity..a very beautiful experience..beyond beautiful.overwhelming..n at this point..am ok..but when the mind gets a thinking..get very panicky..who wants to b around that nervous energy..but am trying my best..its just sad..no pity party anymore..unless I talk to someone …hmmm….n they can sense it..I try to hide the anxiety..am afraid of being more exposed than I already am..n have been..but i do have faith n am grateful for this sense of loving community..a place of ‘belonging’ & I know that self reliance would be n is thee ultimate sense of inner peace..but we.re human n arent immune to the hurt of missing loved ones…please excuse any confusion or misunderstandings..am in the process of major change bc am scared but am ‘ok’..yes..n may God bless U n us all..and so it is..amen..pss n trying to recover n maintain recovery from unhealthy habits…