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A more Loving way to view anger, disagreement and haters!

So, if you know me, you know that I am a pretty loud individual. I also can be kinda crazy and opinionated. I LOVE to be proven wrong because it means I’m learning something. But I can be pretty “passionate” about my beliefs.

I’m also an active user of social media. I LOVE Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the amazing social tools that are out there now. One of the by products of being a voice that people listen to as well as honestly putting myself out there is that I get a TON of feedback. I get emails, Tweets, FB messages, comments and texts from folks.

And what’s so RAD is that not everyone agrees with me! And sometimes the way that people disagree with me could be seen as cruel, mean, aggressive or just down right NEGATIVE. A lot of people I know would BLOCK these people, delete them as friends and get offended. But that’s not what I do.

Because of the coming election and recent convention speeches, I have been been posting on my personal Facebook about my thoughts and beliefs about what’s going on. BTW – I keep my political beliefs out of TDL because this is not a space for that, this is a space for a much more important conversation, the conversation of sharing what we are going through and how to get through it THRIVING!

But I share my beliefs about non “TDL” topics on my personal FB and Twitter. Well, as I have started to do this, ALL KINDS of people have been saying ALL KINDS of different things. About what I’m saying, what candidate I support, the state of government or media in general. And with this kind of a topic, people get pretty passionate.

But instead of making people wrong if I disagree with them, or if they project their passion on to me, I want to understand them. I want to hear them. I want to see where they are coming from and I’m always asking, “what can I learn from this interaction and this person?” I ESPECIALLY ask this question when I get SUPER TRIGGERED! You know – those people who say those things that just gets RIGHT under our skin. And makes us REACT before we can even speak! And depending on what they are talking about, we even have a visceral and emotional response.

I’ve learned enough not know that when THAT happens to me, I need to look alive, because I lesson is upon me.

What I’ve come to understand is that EVERYONE is a teacher! And if we do no Love the Soul’s of the people we disagree with, we have more to learn about Love. We are quick to judge, what is right and what is wrong. Who is right and who is wrong. But at the end of the day, the Truth is – somewhere between what YOU think and what I think, is most likely the Truth.

I’ve learned to see “haters” as nothing more than feedback. I’ve learned to see that anyone who “attacks” me, at the deepest level is simply requesting Love. And I’ve come to believe that even though some people may make it personal towards me, it’s never about what’s between me and them. It’s always about what’s between them and The Uni-verse and me and The Uni-verse.

Other people are merely reflections teaching us more about ourselves. Because on a spiritual level, there is only one Soul, broken up into many people here on Earth. So as I can begin to understand others, I begin to understand myself – and as I understand myself, I begin to understand others.

What is attack, blame and criticism were just requests for Love? And that people’s opinions were just feedback and information that is showing us to either be firmer in our resolve or to question what we believe? Wouldn’t that be RAD?

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