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A Prayer Of Gratitude

ChristineHasslerI love the week of Thanksgiving here in the States because gratitude is on everyone’s mind. When we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t. Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a spiritual practice – it’s a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a life of love.

My personal gratitude practice consists of an evening gratitude ritual that I have done for years. Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a rockstar parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, a laugh with a friend, or noticing an old pattern or trigger come up that offers me an opportunity to work my process. My gratitude journal (which I share with you in the video) is also a wonderful way to keep a diary of my life. I love looking back through it to reflect on past moments and celebrate lessons and blessings.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestion of keeping a gratitude list before; however, are you actually doing it? I assure you, it makes a huge difference, especially if you add it to your bedtime ritual because you send yourself off to sleep in the consciousness of gratitude. Dozing off with appreciation in your heart will positively impact your quality of sleep and the state you wake up in. So get yourself a journal and cuddle up with gratitude.

And for an extra dose of gratitude, I offer this affirmative prayer from my grateful heart to yours…

I’m grateful for everything in my life that has led me to this moment as it has all been part of my unique destiny.

I am grateful for all the people who I have met for a moment or known deeply for they have all been my mirror and my teachers.

I am grateful for all the times I have thought I have failed for I know now they taught me resilience.

I am grateful for all the heartache I’ve experienced because it means I am willing to open my heart.

I’m grateful for when I’ve had more because it taught me how to give and I’m grateful for when I’ve had less because it taught me how to receive.

I’m grateful for the miracles I experience in my life as they have reminded me of the magic of the Uni-verse.

I am grateful for my body exactly the way it is because it is the absolutely perfect package for my soul.

I am grateful for all the various forms of abundance that I recognize in my life.

I am grateful for every tear I’ve shed because I’ve learned compassion.

I am grateful for every hurt I’ve experienced because I’ve learned forgiveness.

I am grateful for every time I’ve suffered because I’ve learned acceptance.

I am grateful for the times I have felt alone because in those moments I found my way back to my connection to the Uni-verse.

I am grateful for my gifts and my courage and willingness to express them.

I’m grateful to be able to live with an open heart.

I’m grateful to be able to choose my response to anything.

I’m grateful for my freedom.

I’m grateful to love, be loved and BE LOVE.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for YOU.




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  • Patricia Cimino

    Christine – I absolutely love how you suggest listing vs writing in the gratitude journal! So many times I find myself not scheduling time in to write because I think it’s going to take too long. I love how easy it is to then go through the pages and reflect on my life. Thank you for posting this vlog with such a simple idea!!

    • The Daily Love

      Us too, Patricia :) We’re so happy you enjoyed Christine’s blog! -Team TDL

    • Christine Hassler

      So glad you are going to do it!! It is so much fun to go back and reflect. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving

  • Cher

    Christine, Thank you so much for this vlog. I loved all the gratitude you put forth in words as it has given me a lot to think about. I used to tell the Universe what I was thankful for each night, but somewhere along the line I have been slipping. You are right, when I was faithfully doing this I always woke up the next day with the glass half full.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • The Daily Love

      We are so glad Christine’s post was thought-provoking for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cher! -Team TDL

    • Christine Hassler

      My pleasure! Happy thanksgiving to you too!

  • Noni Boon

    Beautiful Christine. Thank you. I have shared it on my facebook page.

    • The Daily Love

      That is too kind of you, Noni! Thank you so much :) -Team TDL

      • Christine Hassler

        Thank you for sharing Noni!!

  • Michelle

    Love your gratitude prayer, Christine. It reminds me that even the toughest things can be blessings. A year ago this would have made me angry (the suggestion that trials are blessings). I’m so humbled to realize how much my perspective has changed in one year. I now recognize that some very difficult challenges over the past two years have helped me transform into a more open hearted, loving and spiritual person. The connection you draw between having felt alone and now having a greater connection to God definitely rings true for me. Thank you.

    • The Daily Love

      We are so happy for you and your change in perspective, Michelle! Thank you for sharing :) -Team TDL

    • Christine Hassler

      WOW Michelle – thank you so much for sharing that and I really acknowledge you for doing the work to open your eyes and heart enough to see the blessings :)

  • Maureen

    Yes! I LOVE this Christine! Thank you! Have been doing a mental list before bed, but you have inspired and encouraged me to go buy a journal and put this into practice! Grateful! Thank you!

    • The Daily Love

      Wonderful, Maureen! Enjoy journaling :) -Team TDL

  • Ellie

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gratitude prayer Christine. It resonates deeply with me and is such a fast way to shift our thoughts to a higher vibration. These words put the past to rest with a blessing and open the moment to our highest connection. I envision saying them every morning.
    Many blessings Christine & Daily Love!
    Thank YOU for being the light filled rock stars you are and sharing abundantly.