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A Return To Nature

For the last decade or so (give or take), the self-help community has been lit ablaze with the word “abundance.” Everything is ‘think abundant thoughts,’ or ‘live abundantly.’ However, there’s just too much missing from the hype around this word. If I were new to this concept of manifesting abundance or feeling abundant, I’d be pretty put-off by feeling left out of the ‘hows.’ In fact, when I think about the concept of abundance, I feel like it is critical that if we want to help people get into the abundance of life, we need to give them the tools.

Let me be direct: abundance is such a natural state of being that the only thing that stands in our way of it is us. Really and truly.

One thing we have to remember is just how natural abundance is. I have had many clients come into my office, wondering where the abundance is for them. That somehow, the abundance train came and went and left them standing in the terminal with nothing.

What I tell these bereft clients is to get back into nature. As humans who live and breathe in metropolitan cities, it is very easy to disconnect from nature and forget our roots. Our homes are insulated, our clothes are warm, and even when the weather isn’t inclement, we hole ourselves up indoors where the temperature is just right. There is nothing inherently bad about this. But what it does, other than making us more comfortable, is that it removes us from the reminders that nature gives us about how abundant the world is.

Go outside and look at a tree. Is there only one leaf on it? How about in barren places where there are no trees with leaves like the desert… there are plenty of cacti… and is there only one sticker in the cactus? No! Nature inherently creates itself abundantly. And humans are a natural part of the cycle of life, so why would we ever feel like the abundance wasn’t intended for us, too?

In my opinion, the best way to remember this fact is for us to get outside and return to nature. We don’t need to go camping and rough it, nor do we need to move out of our beloved cities and forsake all of our creature comforts. But if you are struggling with feeling like abundance has missed you, go outside. Take a deep, refreshing breath of air. Stop, literally, and look at the changing leaves, the clouds in the sky, or how much fur is on a cat. Whether you know it or not, you are a part of the same cycle in the world that is completely abundant. Stop resisting it and let the thoughts of goodness and plenty-to-go-around-ness permeate your mind.

And for those of us who are lacking in real, tangible needs being met this week as we approach Thanksgiving, I remind you of this: there are places and people who want to share their abundance. All you have to do is make yourself available to it.

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Trinka is a counselor and has run her private practice in Los Angeles for 20 years. She was Mastin’s personal therapist for many years. Check out her website here.