Acceptance: The Key To Unlocking Being!

I now have The Daily Way Home readers as far away as India and New Zealand. It’s exciting and I am grateful that my story is resonating with readers across such a broad spectrum. It is hugely reaffirming and it inspires me to continue connecting.

And I need to accept where things are at as I enter the fourth week of blogging on TDWH.

There is so much good stuff tied up in acceptance, and enlightenment is really just acceptance in high gear!

The goal is to accept what is. Then we can start making it what we want it to be. The aim is to take up permanent residence in the country called “acceptance.”  This is the crossroad where grace and synchronicity intersect and it’s here that we can begin to manifest our dreams.

If we are frustrated, anxious or annoyed it is likely because we find some fact of our lives, or a person, or a place or a situation, unacceptable at the present moment. The irony is we will find no peace until we accept the facts of our lives, or a person, or a place or a situation as being precisely the way it is meant to be in this present moment.

Everything is happening exactly as it should according to the Uni-verse, and there are no mistakes. And the focus needs to be directed back to acceptance and not to what we think needs to be changed in the world around us. The only thing we can ever hope to change is our own attitudes around our lives, or towards a person, or a place, or a situation that we currently find unacceptable. 

When I feel agitated or unsure about my direction, I consciously move the issue over to the Uni-verse and I remind myself that I am not steering the ship.

If it is the will of the Uni-verse, then it will become clear. And if I need to make a course correction, then so be it.

When my days seem to lean towards self-pity, anger, fear or worry, it is normally because I am sliding back into control mode. A warning signal goes off in my body and I remind myself to give it up to the Uni-verse.

And when my days seem to flow and I am on my game, and I am more efficient, energetic and empathetic, it’s normally because I am letting go of control, giving it up to the Uni-verse and accepting things as they are.

This is a truth now that I cannot back away from. So more and more I strive to check in with the Uni-verse as I move through my day.

I accept that my abusive father was a hurt human being who was sent to me by the Uni-verse to teach me everything I needed to know so that I could step into my power and who I am today.

I accept that I no longer have to be driven by that story.

I accept the whole range of my feelings and I make a conscious choice not to be defined by them.

I accept that by Grace, things can happen in an instant.

And I am available and ready for miracles!

So would you be willing to give up control and let the Uni-verse steer your ship?

Could you accept that everything is happening exactly as it should according to the Uni-verse?

Would you be willing to accept that “bad things” can happen to “good people” because the Uni-verse allows us to practice “free will,” and not because we are being punished?

Much Love & Welcome Home


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Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home.  He has also been an actor, a commercial pilot, a business co-wwner, and an events coordinator at a Major City Art Gallery.

  • Pat

    Thank you for your insights on “Acceptance”..It has helped me greatly this I sit here wallowing in my self pity…. my overwhelming fear of life and paralized by my constant anxiety….I am realizing that I need to let go more and “let god”…to be happy for each moment, knowing that god will see me through it …..I know this inside…but its so very hard to do…they say that when you are looking for help you will find it…..I feel I was supposed to read your “Daily Love” on Acceptance this morning to remind me of this and not forget it…..Thank you…..

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Just what I needed to hear ( Previous letter writer , thank you too).
    I am struggling with feeling things that I feel like I am not supposed to be feeling . That’s having a hard time accepting them . They say in that space , what should accept that I cannot accept my feelings . But it seems for me , that prospect seems even more hideous and awful . I just have to remind myself that I am doing okay . And that maybe it’s just a flat tire , I still have gone all those miles… they don’t get undone if now flops a bit. And maybe it is supposed to flop . , Space , space . Thanks! Happy T-day! God is good . God will help me . He always has .


  • Creitgren

    This is so accurate.  I have always questioned how do you do that, just let go and accept.  Through a series of events I had no choice with an issue I was dealing with.  It was painful and I never thought this situation would end.  When I finally let go and let god every single thing feel into place and I realized although there was hurt everything turned out better than before.  
    Life is good!

  • Barbara

    …And when it comes to acceptance–I accept what is., ok, which is due to how much I suck for effing things up so much in the last 2 days. I can’t change what happened, ok, accept how it is fine. But still doesn’t make me feel any better, just accepting how much I suck! Best I could say maybe is hard to hate and accept at the same time. So if I accept myself as the person who just effed it up and who sucks so badly, then at least hating myself is removed. thx

  • linda

    I am a 60 years old mother..A life student… I am blown away by the awarenesses of the under 40 somethings today. So beautiful. I read The Daily Love frequently and continue to be inspired and changed. I see there is a new dramatic spritiutal awareness in the world and a profound desire to receive it. It brings so much joy to me. Thank you all! My 23 year old son is on the streets. I do not know where he is, but am all to familiar with who he is…. ” a child of God” who has not found his wings.. Acceptance doesn’t mean like. Your posts give me strength because there is a stronger chance of him meeting someone because there are so many of you! My prayer is that he will meet one of the “new souls” along the way. You fill my heart with hope, all of youl My eternal gratitude. Thank you.

  • linda

    Acceptance is not
    tyhe end of the world. It is the beginning of a whole new way of life