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Acknowledging Others!

For most of us, all we want is to be acknowledged: to be heard, considered and appreciated. We want to be seen.

Whether you’re arguing with a spouse, ordering lunch or speaking with a co-worker today, ask yourself this: Are you hearing what he or she is saying? Are you considering what he or she feels? Are you appreciating his or her being?

Often times we go about our days, interacting with dozens if not hundreds of people along the way, barely acknowledging their impact on our lives. We order coffee from someone (sometimes while talking on our mobile phones) who we pass barely a glance, paying as little attention as we would to an automated coffee machine (perhaps even less since the machine would require we actually touch it). We speak to our lovers or spouses instead of with them – failing to internalize and hear what they’re saying and instead merely talking in circles. It happens over and over again throughout our days.

But what if we all step back and choose to acknowledge the people who make our lives what they are? What would it mean to pay gratitude and acknowledgment forward? Well, it would mean a lot. It would brighten days, enliven moods and bolster confidence. It would promote happier days and more content people. It would lead to acts of kindness. It would lead to healthier relationships with others and with ourselves. The scope of impact is priceless.

So, how do you do this? It’s easy! You stop replying to emails while talking with your children to show them that they deserve your undivided attention. You put down your cell phone when ordering lunch to show your server that he or she is worthy of your attention and that you’re grateful for his or her service. You stop multitasking when giving advice to a friend to show that you hear his or her concerns, understand where he or she is coming from and are there with your attention and support. It means saying “please” and “thank you” often and with heart. It means showing not telling the people in your life what they mean to you.

To whom, today, will you show gratitude? To whom will you show your acknowledgement and appreciation?

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Alexis Wolfer is a real beauty ambassador and the founder of The Beauty Bean, an online magazine that promotes self-confidence through beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition and more. She is also the creator of the international and viral Makeup Free Mondays movement and can be found tweeting about all things real and realistic beauty at @AlexisWolfer.