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All Things Come To Us By The Law Of Attraction

Ryf Van RijWhen we create a mental picture of our ideal outcomes what we are doing is projecting powerful thoughts into Universal consciousness which is the substance from which all things are created.

When I look back at my own life and how I bombarded my my mind with thoughts of negativity, blame, shame and guilt it now seems miraculous that I survived at all, let alone got anything done!

Universal consciousness (Source/Universe/Higher Power/God) is all present, all powerful and all knowing. (Tweet-worthy!)

It would therefore be a little silly for us to try to determine how the all-knowing should materialize our thoughts and goals. That’s kind of like the infinite trying to advise and influence the infinite.

Unfortunately lack of awareness of this Law does not mean that it isn’t working all the time. In fact this is the same Law that will also create the results of failure in our lives. If we fail to understand that Universal substance is all-powerful, all present and all-knowing and we continually bombard our minds with thoughts of negativity, failure, limitation and lack, the Law will work flawlessly and provides us more of what we are thinking. This is why I ended up living most of my life in quiet desperation. I had know idea that my thoughts would become things and the net result was the roller coaster ride just got more harrowing.

We would be better off recognizing and accepting the infinite wisdom and infinite power of Universal mind and its ability to create form and substance from conscious thought. This way we can become a conduit for the infinite to bring about the mechanisms to materialize our goals and dreams.

It is impossible to separate ourselves from all that is. We are all part of the creation of the Universe and the primordial soup that made up the Big Bang. The blood and flesh which makes up our bodies is the same matter which Universe is made of. We are part of the magnificent whole of the Universe therefore that part of us must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. The only difference is the “degree” to which we understand this awareness and use it to our benefit.

When we begin to realize the incredible truth that we are an integral part of the magnificent whole that is the Universe and that the Universe and ourselves are one; that is when we become aware of the endless possibilities and opportunities that have been placed at our disposal. As I grasp these concepts my life has become happier and more purposeful.

We have to recognize the fact that the creative forces of thought, puts us directly in touch with infinite power and Universal substance.

If we refuse to realize our unity with the infinite and our oneness with Source, we will measure ourselves by the material and outer external conditions in our worlds which will bring about confusion, fear, lack and anxiousness.

We need to make the great decision to relate ourselves to Universal consciousness and the infinite and act as though “I and the father are one.” This is the only way to release our potential. What helps me with this is frequent meditation. If you don’t meditate just look into the night sky and observe the magnificence and become aware that you are completely connected to all that magnificence.

Regardless as to how we may determine and evaluate our lives from a human perspective, there is that in each of us that goes way beyond our humanness.

When we realize the truth of the enormous spiritual potential we have within us, we become free to be our unlimited selves and we are free to achieve unlimited things.

Are you ready to think only positive thoughts and become a conduit for the infinite to materialize your goals and dreams?

Are you willing to accept that you are part of the magnificent whole that is the Universe and that the Universe and you are one?

Can you lay claim to the endless possibilities and opportunities that have been placed at our disposal?

Much Love and Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.