An Open Love Letter To You

I’ve written many a love letter.

Earlier letters were handwritten and collaged-attached to a homemade mix-tape because let’s face it—nothing conveys passion and emotion better than an amazing song—especially if sung by Bryan Adams.

I evolved past handwritten letters and sappy love songs into the Internet age where my college boyfriend and I wooed each other through a sea of emails over our summer break. I fell in love with his prose, the adrenaline rush of hearing ‘you’ve got mail’ and touching the screen, feeling his words surge to life beneath my fingertips.

Nowadays, I write in my journal. Many letters are written there that will never see the light of day, yet the words, once written in ink, have a potent and cathartic effect on my heart. 

Basically, I’ve written my fair share of love letters, but it struck me today that I have ignored possibly the most unique love letter to date—one to my friends. It’s so easy to get swept away in romantic love when one of the most powerful bonds we can experience is through the true love of a friend. I invite anyone reading this to sit down and do the same—whether through a handwritten note, a gifted iTunes song, or an e-mail—remind your friend why they mean the world to you. So, here it goes—my most intimate letter to date. This is for my friends. I love each one of you.

Dear beloved, exquisite and insanely kooky friends,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me there is no bottom—it is ever-expanding and can always make room for more. Thank you for reminding me that I am open to love and to those willing to give and receive it. You make me focus on what binds us instead of what separates us. How our beauty is unique, yet stems from the same source. For being empathetic instead of sympathetic.

For teaching me how to be strong, but taking the reins when I could not. You know exactly how to keep me level headed but still keep my feet floating right above the ground. Thank you for reminding me that every day should start with a dance party on my bed. That every day is a gift and that no one can take my optimism away from me. That support is stronger than jealousy. That metallic sharpies are just begging to be used on mirrors. Thank you for the random thoughtful gifts and heads-up on where to do online retail damage.

That there is no such thing as too much sequins or not enough time to have fun. Oh yes, and for introducing me to Justin Bieber, the perfect recipe for untamed fun and should be listened to, sung along to and played often—especially with co-workers. Thank you for refusing to let the hiccups of life wear you down, for squeezing out tears of laughter to trump those of pain, for fighting cynicism with optimism, for reminding me that distance doesn’t kill friendship, it just gives you frequent flyer miles. You love me for who I am and what I believe in. When you see me succeed, you smile and push me to go even further.

When you see me fail, you offer an ear, your heart, a shopping spree, a Skype snuggle, cocktail and plate of frosted cookies. You are unafraid to shine and know that our light combined only dispels more darkness. You make me feel like together we can change the world—and you know what—we will. One smile, one heartbeat, one set of beautiful friendships at a time.

# # #

Kathryn Budig is a top yoga teacher in LA. Follow her on Twitter here and check out her website here.

  • Love you KB, you’re the best friend a girl can have, I’ve learned so much & laughed so much, your friendship is priceless to me. Thanks for keepin it real! Xoxo. 😉

  • Michelle Thompson

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us today, and especially today because it is my birthday! I absolutely adore you! I follow you on twitter, and receive your newsletters… I only wish I lived in California so you could be my yoga instructor! I will continue my yoga, and continue to follow your advice on so many different things from yoga moves to recipes to your favorite charities, and hopefully someday I will be able to meet my favorite yoga teacher. Namaste

  • love this thank you for the support, inspiration and being my mentor

  • Kareemah

    I love this one……. Please keep them coming. Reading your post are on my MIT list for the day.


  • Dillon

    How did you know I am insanely kooky?

  • Dei Allen

    WOW! An absolutely fabulous idea. I have my pen, paper and inspiration now.

  • monique

    That was an awesome letter…u said it all u have great friends and so do i

  • LOVE YOU GIRL. feeling it all around…

  • norwin bugarin

    God bless you!

  • Thank you Katheryn. The expansion is beautiful, boundless and inspiring <3

  • Daniela

    Thank you so much, I absolutely love it:) You are a great person

  • Miranda

    This is precious:] thank you Kathryn for this. I send warm, healing thoughts to you!