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Are You A Member of the Golden Motocycle Gang?

My life is about inspiring others, motivating others and offering transformational training that can help people succeed in all aspects of their lives. However a very important moment in my life was a vision I had when still in graduate school of seeing myself along with others as members of a special gang of golden motorcycle riders speeding through space encountering a planet in distress. That planet, of course, was earth.

In the forty years since I had that original “golden motorcycle gang” vision I have only shared the story with my closest friends and colleagues. One of the people I told the story to, over dinner in Santa Barbara a decade ago, was Bill Gladstone. In the years since, every time I saw Bill he would ask me if I had had the time to write the story down to share in a book. Bill saw in the story of the Golden Motorcycle Gang an even larger purpose than I had seen myself. I was busy living my life, authoring, co-authoring and overseeing hundreds of Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, creating an amazing network of transformational leaders, and conducting workshops and trainings throughout the world through my Success Principles organization.

I now see how all of those activities are actually linked to my higher purpose of connecting millions of people to a dynamic opportunity for changing the direction of so many negative current trends from global warming to economic collapse, religious wars, terrorism, poverty, inequality and intolerance.

These are serious world problems and they will not go away on their own. However with awareness and united focus from each of us we can and I predict will solve the majority of these problems and solve them within the next twenty to thirty years. If we do not get to the bottom of these problems NOW there may be no 2112. A hundred years may seem like a long time but when we consider that our children and grandchildren are the ones to deal with those future dates clearly this is the time for us to “WAKE UP”.

Barbara Marx Hubbard believes she is here to present to the world with five questions, and that you may discover your own higher life purpose within these questions:

Do you remember the original plan?
Are you aware there’s some destiny unfolding that you’re a part of? A lot of people will tell you they are.

Do you have any memory of having volunteered to come to Earth at this particular time?
I volunteered to come down here. I think a lot of people did. I read Life Before Life by Jim B. Tucker where he did 2000 questionnaires and a bunch of interviews with people who had, under hypnosis, direct memory of choosing to be born, what gender to be, what race to be, what kind of parents they wanted to have — coming in with a purpose. They’d met with a board of advisors if you will — guides who helped them clarify that purpose so that when they came down, they could fulfill it.

The third question is, if so, do you remember your contract?
Do you remember what you agreed to do? For example, I agreed to help bring about a world that was more peaceful and harmonious and where people were living their highest vision rather than living their lowest vision out of fear.

What do you do best in the world that only YOU can do?
What we’re all being called to do right now is authentically be ourselves.. Ask yourself, what is it that I do that’s unique to me?

My wife, for example, I call her a day maker — she makes people’s days. She leaves a message on your cell phone and it makes your day. She walks in to the salon to get her hair done and everybody walks out of there happier because she was there. That’s her purpose.

What are you supposed to do now, and what tools and resources do you need to do it?
We really have to tune in every day and say, what am I to do now? Today? This period of life? This month? This cycle? This season? And then go and find the tools, the resources and the people to be able to do that work. We should all be supporting each other in that.

I sincerely hope you will seize this opportunity to be part of the collective, positive social movement that is changing the world. Together we can create a new world that most of us only dream about. That dream is now a reality and we are all parts of the pieces; collectively members of something great and we all can play a part in this momentous time in our history.

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Jack Canfield is the co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has sold more than 500 million copies in 47 languages. He is a featured teacher in the movies The Secret and Tapping the Source; and has appeared on more than 1,000 radio and television programs. Jack is also the CEO of the Canfield Training Group and the founder of the Transformational Leadership Council. He lives with his wife, Inga, in Santa Barbara, California. His new book is The Golden Motorcycle Gang (Hay House) is available in November.