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Are You A Soul Warrior?

TaraTaylor001Heck YES you are! We all are! That is what we are all here to do in this lifetime although some have forgotten the ways of being in their “Soul Warrior” Self.

I remember when I was in my late teen’s when I forgot that I was a Soul Warrior and was on a very self destructive path. I had a beautiful Soul Warrior mentor that had just come into my life by the name of Cindy (she has now crossed over). She reminded me that we will all go through forgetting once (or maybe more than once) in our lifetimes and that we all here to help each other “re” embrace our Soul Warrior Selves.

How does one know if they have embraced their “Soul Warrior” self?

A soul warrior is a peaceful warrior. They lovingly express themselves with non-violence and/or non-judgment towards others. They stand their ground and hold a safe place for others to express fear without being judged or physically beaten for sharing their thoughts. They unite, find solutions that are proactive for everyone involved, and can agree to disagree without having to hate or hurt each other in the process.

They DO NOT see themselves as being better or wiser than anyone else. They see everyone as equal and recognize that everyone has something to bring to the table. They look for those qualities in others and help to bring them out in another person.

A soul warrior knows that we are both students and teachers at the same time!

I think that every soul on this earth is truly being called to live in our “real truths.”  The real truth is we are all divine light here to be love, unite, and help each other learn and grow in our soul progression here on earth. Although we know this inherent truth, some of us soul warriors lose track of this notion and drop the word “soul” out of soul warrior. Then warrior becomes singular. The “soul” then starts to separate itself from others, which in turn creates one’s ego to become unbalanced.  This leads to being harmful to themselves and others and they lose site of the whole purpose why we are here on this earth!

Come on my fellow soul warriors!  Let’s help the warriors remember that they were once fellow “Soul Warriors”; they have just forgotten!

We have been called to light the way so that we can inspire and encourage others to feel safe to shine their lights, especially the ones who have forgotten their light within.

Don’t you find it interesting that more and more people from all places of the world in our era are struggling with concept of competitiveness, and why we all just cannot seem to live in peace and love each other for who we all are? I think this era of 2013 and so forth is about standing together and sharing the lime light as a global team to teach others that we are all connected to the divine, and that we as humans need to stop fighting about who is right and who is wrong and to be done with anything in this earth world that separates us from one another. We live in a world with many truths, not just one truth, and we need to stand up and say no to killing each other and our earth. We need to share with the world that it is safe to talk over the fence and stop ripping it down to find peace living side by side. I always say that we need to run towards anything that unites us and be weary of anything that singles us out as being less than or more than someone else (and to find a way to bring it back to love).

Love, be love and unite!

Blessings, love and light,


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Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & published author of Through Indigo’s Eyes. Connect with Tara via her website, Facebook, and Twitter.