Are You A YESer?

Though I pride myself in being someone who has clear boundaries I still find my way into some sticky situations in which I feel uncomfortable saying no. Saying no can be tough at times, especially when you’re afraid to disappoint someone. If you’re a YESer, then watch this video for my guidance on how to say no.




Gabrielle Benstein is a New York Times best-selling author and speaker. This April, she released her fourth book entitled Miracles Now. Order the book today at and get free group coaching with Gabrielle.

  • ces

    Hi Gabby! Great message and right on time.
    I’ve been struggling with whether to say yes to a group lunch with an ex, his mom and some friends. My body and gut are screaming no, while my mind is trying to convince me that it’s ok to show up and say hello. He was dishonest, disrespectful and not a great person to date. I figured it out and moved on.
    The person I am now – finds no joy in sharing a meal with people who aren’t looking out for me as a person. Time and money are limited. A group lunch is not the place to apologize, as he has texted that he would like to do. I forgive, but I really don’t feel he would make a good friend. Why show up and stuff down the discomfort. In short, you have helped my dilemma – it ain’t a Hell Yes! so I will say NO!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us!! We’re glad to have you be a part of the TDL community! -TDL Team

  • Love and Life

    “If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no.” I love this! I am getting better with saying no. However, I often say no and sometimes feel guilty. So I am learning to say no guilt free 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing with us!! -TDL Team