Are you an amateur or a pro?

One of my clients is a writer and asked me why she wasn’t living her dream even though she was taking all the steps.

After a little bit of questioning, I finally found out that she hadn’t written anything of her own for over three months.

And if we take a step back, just a few moments ago she told me in the most convincing way that she was “taking all the right steps.” As a writer, I can tell you that if you aren’t writing EVERY DAY, you’re not really dedicated to your craft. It’s something that MUST happen EVERY DAY.

And I went into a whole break down of the most amazing book called “The War of Art”. Stop what you’re doing right now and click here to grab a copy.

The author, Steven Pressfield – show us how to battle with an inner critic known as “Resistance.” It’s a BRILLIANT book and one that helped me become a writer.

The basic idea is this… There are two types of creative people. Amateurs and pros. Amateurs create when they feel like it, let resistance get them down and come up with all kinds of excuses about why they can’t create.

Pros on the other hand create every day, no matter how they are feeling. They are in a conscious effort to rise above resistance and are determined to conquer this force that holds us back.

So, when I was talking with my client, it was clear to me that even though she THOUGHT she was doing all the right things, she was violating the rule of amateur vs. pro and this is a MAJOR contribution to why she was not where she wanted to be in her writing career.

There’s this idea that we can only write when inspiration falls and that a moment will magically come when it all falls into place. And that line of thinking is perhaps the greatest dream killer of them all. Living your dreams is earned every single day as we conquer resistance and overcome fear. We have to EARN it – and not in the same amount of time that it takes to tweet or text – it’s in our own dedicated time life will change.

But the first step is SHOWING UP every day no matter WHAT for your dream – even if it’s for only an hour or half hour a day. Over time you will put in A LOT of effort that will slowly start to pay off!

So, in your own life – where are you being an amateur and not a pro?

Where are you letting resistance get the best of you? And what new schedule and covenant do you need to make for yourself so that you are showing up for your dreams every day?

Head on over the the blog and leave a comment and let me know. And, if you need support as a writer, leave a comment – you will be so loved by other Daily Lovers.

Lots of LOVE!
And here’s to being PRO!


  • JustMe

    In Stephen King’s “On Writing” he says everyday you WRITE, you earn the right to call yourself a writer….so write EVERY DAY.
    A friend of mine in Scotland set himself a challenge to write one Flash Fiction per day for a year…which he did… his new goal is 1,000. HIs blog is called JustAWritersPage — here’s the link
    You can see his progression, and improvement & it’s paying off….he just won 1st and 3rd prize for short story writing in Brittle Star magazine.
    My theory is writers write, scribblers just talk about it.

    • The Daily Love

      Love it JustMe!! Thanks for sharing this with us! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • Janalene

    I totally agree with this Mastin! I was allowing everything else take precedence over my creating artwork. All the excuses and reasons to not get into my studio and create. Then about two weeks ago I made a conscious decision to put me first and do what I love to do…create. The resistance is always there yet not as prevalent and I have decided that it’s easier to do it than to just talk or think about doing it. Words or ideas without actions are just that…words or ideas. I am happy to say that I’ve completed two mixed media art pieces and I’m almost done with a third. “Yay!” for me for taking a stand for me and what I love to do. Thank you Mastin for all the help you’ve given me through the work you do…you are definitely a benefit to all of us.

    Hope you have a great day!


    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Janalene! We are lucky and grateful to have you here and a part of the Daily Love community! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • SueB

    It is fascinating how information that comes at me from your blog and from others is always so timely. I am at a crossroads in my career where I am looking to better myself and further my knowledge/experience, and just spending time last night listing what I was looking for in a position made a huge difference. Last night it was just a list, but overnight it solidified and I know this morning exactly what I am looking for. Like you are saying, Mastin, if you want the uni-verse to move mountains for you, you have to start with your own baby steps.

    • The Daily Love

      Glad this came at the right time for you Sue!! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • mmqc

    Such a great post Mastin! It’s both as simple and as difficult as showing up daily. I write and play music and only this year have I really delved into it with intensity and love as an almost daily habit. There is no longer anxiety hanging over me for not getting my work done which in itself brings space into my life. Every day is not inspired and day to day living and fear competes mightily sometimes. Those days I have to just make sure I get it done before the excuses try and seduce me into a hundred other directions. I don’t always feel great about my results on a day to day basis, but the big picture gems that happen over the months make the day to day practice so worthwhile. Many thanks for the inspiration!

    • The Daily Love

      Beautifully put mmqc! So true, it’s just about getting it done. Thanks for sharing this today! – Team Daily Love

    • Tara Norton-Hayford

      So very true!

  • Sonia

    I was told I should write and express myself. This would provide clarity and perspective. The perspective is a painful one which provides a lot of growth. Someone I love is standing by watching me start to lose everything I have worked for the last 10 years. They offered me a trip strictly really for their benefit, not mine. This is making me a wiser person, if they dont care what happens to me, they definitely do not need to be in my inner circle. I believe in God and I know he will stand by me while I get this lesson down. I am Blessed in many ways and life continues.

    I will start to write for clarity and perspective! Thank you for your wonderful article because its pushing me to write 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Sonia! Let us know how it goes!! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Erica

    I have The War of Art and read it many years ago… you just enlightened me to read it again to get back on track creatively. Gotta go dig it up and get started! Thanks Mastin! See you 9/8! 😉

    • The Daily Love

      Awesome Erica!! See you soon!! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Andrea

    You have no idea how much this resonated and helped me today! Thank you Mastin!

    • The Daily Love

      Perfect Andrea! Glad this came at the right time for you 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Shany

    From ‘But’ to ‘So What’

    My thoughts go so far forward I cannot move.
    My thoughts go so far back I cannot move.
    I will put myself in the present and take small steps that
    allow me to move.
    As I start moving my eyes open, for things that start
    to move me.

    I’m developing my third eye and a relationship with god.
    Developing a third eye means seeing my patterns of forward
    and backward and cyclical thinking.
    Developing a relationship with God means surrender.

    Surrendering the need to know.
    Surrendering the need to carry all the baggage.
    Surrendering the baggage and moving lightly.
    I’m starting to see myself with Gods eyes,
    with God as my mirror.
    Non-judging, non-criticising and non-limiting.

    The people in my past, the rejection, the loss, the abuse,
    the being called ‘weird’
    have for so long been the ‘but’ of my internal story.
    ‘I would apply for this BUT…’
    ‘I would talk to that girl over there BUT…’

    I will change these ‘but’s into ‘even though’s.
    ‘I will apply for this EVEN THOUGH…’

    I will change these ‘but’s into ‘because’s
    ‘I will talk to that girl BECAUSE … happened to me and I want to turn that experience around’

    I will change the ‘but’s into ‘for’s
    ‘I will take that risk FOR… me.

    Now what was that ‘but’ thought again?’

    Thanks Mastin.

    • The Daily Love

      So beautiful Shany! Thanks for sharing this with us today! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Hey Mastin!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement of daily practice to master our craft. I’ve so been lacking not only on finishing my novel but also my personal and spiritual journal writings. I got caught up in this gross roommate situation and this apartment searching situation has been grueling. But that’s still no excuse not to grow my craft.

    Thank you again!

    • The Daily Love

      Yes M.A.! Thanks for reading and sharing today! <3 – Team Daily Love

  • amcmoore

    Such a good book (and it appears that a lot of people are talking about it right now). I know whenever I feel myself letting off the gas and making excuses for doing so, if I just think “Go Pro” it tends to be a pretty good reality check for me.

    • The Daily Love

      Love “Go Pro” amcmoore! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Diane Hart Sandin

    …so Mastin! Today you finally succeeded in making me cry! That woman you are talking about is also me. I’m a writer and doing all the right things except writing! omg…thank you for the much needed spanking…

    • The Daily Love

      Aw! Hopefully it was just what you needed Diane! Sending you lots of Love <3 – Team Daily Love

  • beth

    well this post was like a slap in the face. thank you for opening my eyes!

    • The Daily Love

      Perfect Beth! Let us know how it goes!! 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • Tara Norton-Hayford

    My biggest goal right now is to meditate everyday in order to find inner peace. When I’m in a good mood and have had a good day, I tend to think I can skip my daily meditation. Thanks for reminding me that regardless of how I’m feeling, I need to become a pro by meditating every day!

    • The Daily Love

      Yes Tara!! Even on the good days! Love it 🙂 – Team Daily Love

  • I don’t have it perfect, but I do show up everyday. The Hero’s Journey course through Mastin early this year changed my life. I decided then and there to give my dream a real good try. I signed up for B School and learned a ton. I wrote (and still write) every day. I found a wonderful professional editor who is supportive of my work. I connected with a great designer and now have great professional covers for my 4 book series. I’m currently working on a logo and will get serious about my website in September. (My efforts are less than perfect – LOL!) My daughter hired a photographer on my birthday to do a professional photograph for the website – can’t wait for that to be done! I’m closing in on finishing the last book in the series and am about to send it off to my beta readers. I am excited about this. Learning marketing is lurking in there somewhere as well. I’ve done this while looking after my grandchildren all summer in an off-the-grid cabin (I’m talking outhouse, boil that water to do the dishes, bird baths in the river) and three dogs and cultivating a huge garden and working part time at our local library. Last week I sprained my back, so am back in town at our house (not off-the-grid), but am still working. I’ve joined Goodreads, am about to join Google plus. I write or research everyday. I will get there. Thank you Mastin for the first course – you really did make me think deeply about what I wanted out of life and what I was prepared to do to get there. My family is so on my side… I couldn’t ask for better.

  • Talya Price

    Many people really need to know the difference between an amateur and a pro. I have read Pressfield’s book and it hit home with me. Being a pro is not about getting money for your art/work it is in your actions and your attitude.

  • Theresa

    For myself, I must create the place of peace where the Creator is doing the writing. The writing itself is the Creator’s to do through me. When I ask for that place and do the healing work to release the resistance, it is given and the words flow onto the document. I always speak it onto the paper and then make the changes. Works good for me. You don’t have to do it yourself! Creator will do it for you. Just get yourself in the vortex as Abraham says.
    I see all of you taking the next step in self initiated inspiration and joy! Wahoo!