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Are you an amateur or a pro?

One of my clients is a writer and asked me why she wasn’t living her dream even though she was taking all the steps.

After a little bit of questioning, I finally found out that she hadn’t written anything of her own for over three months.

And if we take a step back, just a few moments ago she told me in the most convincing way that she was “taking all the right steps.” As a writer, I can tell you that if you aren’t writing EVERY DAY, you’re not really dedicated to your craft. It’s something that MUST happen EVERY DAY.

And I went into a whole break down of the most amazing book called “The War of Art”. Stop what you’re doing right now and click here to grab a copy.

The author, Steven Pressfield – show us how to battle with an inner critic known as “Resistance.” It’s a BRILLIANT book and one that helped me become a writer.

The basic idea is this… There are two types of creative people. Amateurs and pros. Amateurs create when they feel like it, let resistance get them down and come up with all kinds of excuses about why they can’t create.

Pros on the other hand create every day, no matter how they are feeling. They are in a conscious effort to rise above resistance and are determined to conquer this force that holds us back.

So, when I was talking with my client, it was clear to me that even though she THOUGHT she was doing all the right things, she was violating the rule of amateur vs. pro and this is a MAJOR contribution to why she was not where she wanted to be in her writing career.

There’s this idea that we can only write when inspiration falls and that a moment will magically come when it all falls into place. And that line of thinking is perhaps the greatest dream killer of them all. Living your dreams is earned every single day as we conquer resistance and overcome fear. We have to EARN it – and not in the same amount of time that it takes to tweet or text – it’s in our own dedicated time life will change.

But the first step is SHOWING UP every day no matter WHAT for your dream – even if it’s for only an hour or half hour a day. Over time you will put in A LOT of effort that will slowly start to pay off!

So, in your own life – where are you being an amateur and not a pro?

Where are you letting resistance get the best of you? And what new schedule and covenant do you need to make for yourself so that you are showing up for your dreams every day?

Head on over the the blog and leave a comment and let me know. And, if you need support as a writer, leave a comment – you will be so loved by other Daily Lovers.

Lots of LOVE!
And here’s to being PRO!