Are you faffing your life away?

A friend of mine who is a brilliant, dedicated and respected yoga teacher here in L.A. once said as she was pacing around her house, “I’m faffing again!”

And I thought to myself – what is faffing? She saw the puzzled look on my face and said, “I faff a lot – I waste time doing nothing as a form of resistance. And I don’t even know that I’m doing it sometimes!”

According to the Urban Dictionary faffing means to aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks. Ouch!

I do that all the time.

Here’s how I faff…

1. Social media addiction

2. Email addiction

3. Social media commenting addiction

4. Cleaning up too much when I should be writing

5. Taking on projects that don’t scare me, while avoiding soul projects that I know I should be doing

6. Living my life based on what other people think

7. Did I mention social media addiction?

8. Eating comfort food when I should be creating

Those are just to name a few.

We avoid our calling and, as a result, our lives by faffing our lives away. We faff every day and stay “busy” but it’s a false sense of accomplishment. I’m amazed at how much can get done when I stop faffing and actually focus on what matters. I am also amazed at how much I do that doesn’t really matter – or doesn’t matter as much as the real soul’s calling that I am meant to do.

And I suppose at the root of all this faff is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of rejection. Fear of life getting worse instead of better. Fear of fear. And fear of fearing fear. It’s all fear and quite frankly it’s all BS.

To faff is to miss out on life. To faff is to deny your soul. To faff is to ignore your Creator and make meaningless tasks seem important and important tasks seem impossible.

You were not born to faff. You were born to sail. To expand. To grow. To live a bigger, brighter version of your life. And to do this – look at where you faff and turn your faffing into fear tackling. It’s almost 2013 for heaven’s sake – isn’t it time we stopped faffing and started living?

Food for thought….

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  • My2c

    This is relevant for me right now.  I have been on a fast track to realising my dreams.  And I find myself lethargic, watching too much tv, on social media, email THE LOT!  Instead of working on my dreams.  Oh and als internet shopping.

    The reason is not so much fear of rejection as you point out may be the case for you.  I have identified it and its more of a sluggish, low energy feeling where it just feels comfortable to be stuck.  I really wish I had the energy to fear rejection. 

    I realised that maybe I need to be kinder to myself and take a few days where I just take it slow and take the should do this and should do that out of the equation and maybe my energy will restore naturally and I can get into some healthier habits.  Otherwise I am on the same old vicious circle of indluge in addictions, punish myself, frantic energy expenditure to achieve in short period of time and then back to indulge in addictions 🙂

  • I’ve recently come to the conclusion that ‘faffing’ is actually what ‘we’ as a species are generally supposed to be doing….lol.  When you embark on a personal spiritual path you invariably come to point of enlightenment that highlights our purpose in life..which is for me (and I’m imaging must be the same for everybody) to just ‘be’, to enjoy life and all that it has to offer, to not strive to prove yourself, to not compete with anyone and to not chase money.  My purpose is to be the best me I can be, each and every day from hereon out!.  I’m very creative, I have a lot to give and a need to explore and make, so this new found attitude is going directly against my conditioning of being productive!!….currently I’m in a slight battle with myself as to what I should be prioritising each day, at the moment eating well, exercising and meditating is taking precedence over doing work….if anyone has any advice as to how I should proceed then please feel free to point me in the right direction x.

  • Camille

    This one cracked me up – i soooo do all of what describe and i LOVE having a hilaious word for it! What a bright and loving way to look at itb- thank you!

  • Patti

    I am faffing!  Oh I look good on paper.  I create impossible lists of things to do.  I stroke myself and cross off the “to do” spending days “accomplishing NOTHING constructive, life changing or soul surfing.  Thanks for calling me out on my shit 🙂

    • Patti I can totally relate. I realized that I have a ba-jillion lists too and at the end of the day I still don’t feel like I’m moving closer to my goals. Time management is really management of the self. This was a good wake up call for me too.

    • :o) thank you for being so honest!

  • name

    clear description of faffing and links to help you faf.

  • Dee

    Faff is a word I use a lot…it’s such a funny way to describe things. I faff a lot. Thanks for pulling us up on that. Frig me, after reading this I want to put my hands on the nitty gritty & complete my life’s purpose…too much energy goes into the bit over there that doesn’t really matter.

  • Annebeth

    This faffing is my life!! OMG I am so suprised that others have that too!  Actually this faffing is nothing more then a fear to feel whatever…it’s so easy to ignore what we feel and focus on other things that seems at that moment so much more important than just be, sit and feel. But once you recognize this behavior, that is the moment where you can intervene and actually change your behavior! You can stop avoiding and start confrontating, altough that seems easier than it actually is, cause normally every cell in your body wants to continue the unproductive behavior, like Mastin said it’s so COMFI:) or better it seems comfi, cause actually you still feel stressed and you know somewhere you are making things way too important.

    But then is the question what do you do when you notice you are faffing?

  • Bbaldwin_

    Oh I can relate to this!! For me personally, though,
    I can tell when I’m “faffing” by the internal uncomfortable feeling that arises when my soul is
    calling me to create and I choose to do other things. Then sometimes all those little things are like a
    meditation for me where my mind is quiet and a break is needed from the busy kids and demands of helping my partner in his business. Those are the times when I actually just take pleasure in the menial tasks in life.
    If I pay attention and listen I definitely can tell when I’m faffing and need to just do what I’m avoiding or when I need the solace that comes by doing smaller “less important” tasks.

  • Virginia

    The call to laugh at our faffing, thanks Mastin x

  • Hydee

    This article came at the perfect time!  My bermuda triangle of faffing:  TV, social media, and good old fashioned internet surfing.  For me it’s a numbing mechanism – I don’t have to think or feel anything real.  Now I’ve got a new mantra: “I was not born to faff.  I was born to sail.” !

    • that’s right!

    • Classic! “I was not born to faff. I was born to sail.” Just wrote your quote on my FB page!

      • H H

        Ha! I am totally faffing today.  It’s a snow day, and I’m still recouperating from a brutal schedule I’ve kept high pace in since August.  I think I’m faffing, anyway.  Unless re-charging your soul doesn’t count.  It’s really not productive to the outside world, but it’s necessary for my inside world.  Am I faffing???

    • Loving the mantra <3 

  • Your article on ‘faffing’ reminded me of  Monty Pythons “100 yard dash for people with no sense of direction”. Hilarious.. watch it here:

  • Gail

    I needed this today! Thanks!!!

  • Meoww22

    I am faffing!! Always have done!! thank you for the clear reminder … off to answer what’s calling! 🙂

  • Lynn

    Hi Mastin,

    I am enjoying your site and the daily emails.  
    And I have noticed how much you use the word “but” and “should”  in your thinking which sets us up to judge ourselves by going one up. For example, “I should be writing.”  Instead, “it would be in my long term best interest to write today.”  This way we stay equal, valuable and precious rather than judging.  Rather than saying “but it made TDL better…”  it’s stating “and it made TDL better.”  “And to me, problems are a sign you are alive.”  The word “but” sets up conditional love, either this way or that way.  “And” is inclusive.  If you try sentences out and listen to how it feels in your body it is softer, gentler, kind and loving!

    Have a great day!


  • Sera

    Yes. Yes. Yes!  I am a Faffer, too!  I have recently acquired one thing along the way from someone that helps  and I’ll pass it along.  A timer.  I have one in all my “faffing” areas (at work, next to the computer, in the kitchen, bathroom, etc…).  If I can’t derail myself from the black holes of wasting time away, I set the timer for 15 minutes.  I give myself persmission to indulge in it for that amount of time, but when it goes off, my agreement with myself is I move on to something else in the day.  This may sound silly but it has saved me countless hours of time wasting.  And as silly as it sounds, when I know I have a set time to accomplish the task, I faff more “efficiently”… LOL.  So if I have 15 minutes to do all social media, (by the way – this is my chosen 15 minutes and the timer is ticking) I’m more selective with what I engage in.  Oops – DING!!!  Off to get ready for work.  Lots of love!  

  • Shariccmc

    I’ve been reading your blogs for a while and haven’t felt called to comment until now.  What I have been calling procrastinating, I now see as faffing thanks to you!  I have important work to do…people need what I have to offer and I’m just sitting here.  I lost my mojo and inspiration to blog.  I totally lost sight of what I need to do.  Reading this just brought me back… I remembered all the ideas I had to get my message out.  And so today I stop faffing.  I step out of my “story”, and into my power.  Today I move forward!  Thank you Mastin.  🙂 

  • Maya Northen

    This really hits home for me. I’ve been in kind of a “turning point” phase for a while now but just seem to keep cycling around on what to do and what not to do. I can 100% identify with doing projects that don’t scare me and avoiding soul projects. I have a cycling condition, so it’s easy to get caught up in that (makes it that much tougher to focus) and get carried away in 10 different directions. Need to stop doing that, turn off the distractions and focus. Thank you, as always! 

  • Ayana

    Thanks to you I can now label myself as a faffeller. I am in the fear category. I’vebeen praying for my purpose for years now, know what it is and then started faffeling due to fear and rejection. There is always something that comes up that prevents me from doing the work I was called to do. Need to get over it, want to get over it, don’t know how. But at least I can call it something now.

    • Matt

      I am struggling much like you Ayana…a lot of fear about rejection and change. I am 25 and at that point where I need to decide what I want my purpose to be. I know that I need to change, and that it will be for the better in the long run…but it’s really scary and I don’t know where to start or how to get it going

  • KB

    You just punched me right in the soul. I’m a professional faffer and I’ve known it for  a while, but when you straight up called it BS and said its denying my soul and missing out of life, wow…. Thank you Mastin. Much Love.

  • OMG!!! That’s what it’s called.  I’m sooo very good at it.  Reality TV and anything I can DVR.
    I needed that Wake up Call. 

  • Corina

    this is hysterical, my ex used to always call me a faffer…he was also my boss at the time and i resented him for it and totally disagreed  with this comment….3 years later, its becoming very apparent to me that he was right!

    the blessing (in my case) about faffing is that eventually i run out of money, and my faffing opportunities fall away and there’s nothing else to do but get on with it

    2013 is all about now or never!

  • Drew

    This is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you Mastin…. It really puts things into perspective about “what” we spend our lives “doing”. When we think about it, it show quite a bit of unbalance and stops us to think,. where are we really going with this “busy” stuff. I say- get off the dang Video Games and FB! Give a little more, ask what we can do a little more, offer a little more and WOW– Magic happens. You rock!

    Ps.. My faffing…..= naps. (Sometimes I call it ‘Meditation’)lol

  • Loved this. NEEDED this. Been faffing WAY too much lately. Thanks TDL #muchlove

  • Loved this. NEEDED this. Been faffing WAY too much lately. Thanks TDL #muchlove

  • Matt

    I am spending way too much time faffing and it’s a hard hole to dig out of…It is all fear based for me, and I don’t know how to get out of it. I thought I had a fear of death, but I really think my fear is a fear of living! I have so much fear and anxiety about failure and not being good enough at what I want to try. I am not used to change, so I get into these cycles of doing the same thing over and over again just because it makes me feel some sort of security. 

     I am at a point in my life where I know that I need to stop faffing. I feel it deep inside me (waking up every morning with a crazy heartbeat that doesn’t go away) it’s like my body is saying DO SOMETHING! But looking at the big mountain that I have to climb to accomplish my goals is intimidating. A big part of the problem is that I know that I have this calling to do something important with my life, to help people and change the world for the better…I just don’t know what it is yet…I don’t know what I should be doing with my life. I am searching for my real purpose but I dont know how locate it. So I hop on social media and message boards because it’s my safe zone…wandering around the internet for hours aka faffing. 

    Mastin really said it right…I have a fear of fearing fear…it’s holding me back and it has to stop…but I don’t know how! 

  • This the first time I have ever laughed when reading your blog. Love it. Love the word. And, I don’t love the meaning. Why? Because “faffing” is what I have done…most of my life. Faffing with decorating my house, pillow propping, social media, talking on the phone, The Bachelor, eyebrow perfectionistic plucking, and more pillow shopping (FYI-the three P’s in decorating are Pillows, Paint, and Plants). Until now. Sure, I still stay on FB a tad too long. And, I am starting to LIVE like I’ve never lived before. Just yesterday a friend called me and said,” My husband is ignoring the family with his projects and computer time. I replied, “You mean DISTRACTING himself?”  Now, I have learned I could have said, “He’s faffing about?”  LOL. Anyway, I then said, “Where are YOU distracting YOURSELF?” Immediately she created a BRIDGE with her soul mate and saw the work SHE needed to do. It was really cool. All I want to do now is…WRITE. I have so many stories, so much information, and so much to teach. I sometimes create the feeling of urgency since I have woken from my slumber with half my life: GONE! This is when I breathe. I relax. And, know…God’s timing is perfect. I needed to go through the storm for years so that I could share my stories of triumph. With all of you. I see my name in the “Contributor” section with no face-yet. I was called to substitute for my Dental Hygiene job yesterday, and I knew the Universe wanted me to comply. Not easy for a girl who wants things done right in moment. Even if it is a new pillow. So, I will not claim “Faff” as my middle name anymore. My nick name at my son’s preschool has been, “FLOWER.” A special little girl called me that and the whole school took to it. That’s the name I will take from now on. Forever growing with  strength, color, and beauty.  Until my work, here on Planet Earth…is done.

    The Daily Commenter,
    Kathleen “Flower” Chelquist

  • Katie22shady

    Ugh…My name is Katie, and I’m a faffer…Sheesh, that is a hard core look in the mirror. Am I naked?? It’s so much EASIER to faff, but not accomplishing anything.

  • Suensam1

    I don’t know if cleaning instead of writing is faffing.  I think cleaning is a helpful transition to writing.  As you de-clutter your space,  your brain can work in creative ways to fill it.  It’s like pre meditative writing.  I’m not trying to make excuses I’m just saying some  faffing serves a purpose. 

  • Mastin… thanks for this blog.  Yes, I’ve been faffing!  And I realized it last night (before I read your article… although I didn’t know the word faffing 🙂  I’ve been intending to re-write a script that I know is going to be made into an amazing film that touches millions of people, and yet I’ve been avoiding writing and instead handling all the minutia of my life. Reconciling my bank account can wait! So thanks for sharing what you wrote. I’m getting back on track. And by the way, thank you for your daily blog. It means a lot to me and has been a vital tool on my spiritual journey.  So keep up the AMAZING work my friend 🙂  Love, Aaron

  • Mastin… thanks for this blog.  Yes, I’ve been faffing!  And I realized it last night (before I read your article… although I didn’t know the word faffing 🙂  I’ve been re-writing a script that I know is going to be made into an amazing film that touches millions of people, and yet I’ve been avoiding writing and instead handling all the minutia of my life. Reconciling my bank account can wait! So thanks for sharing what you wrote. I’m getting back on track. And by the way, thank you for your daily blog. It means a lot to me and has been a vital tool on my spiritual journey.  So keep up the AMAZING work my friend 🙂  Love, Aaron

  • Margoameera

    I’m a multi faffer and its a good thing or I would have missed this article. 😉

  • Gerray

    Good Lord…do you have a hidden cam in my life? LOL…I talk a good game, have great plans, but faffing gets me more often than not! Thanks for this…we are actually going to integrate this concept into our Sales Support Dept here at work! Peace!

  • Jessie

    thanks martin! this was just what I need to hear today 🙂

  • Victor Force

    Ouch Mastin,
    True but ouch.  I too am a Presbyterian who lives in KS.  I’m working at a cool groovy UCC church.  But I know that I am  called to write.  This scares me sooooo much that I will do anything not to write. I even get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floor or make another cocktail.   But once I see what the universe is saying  in print, in black and white,  I have to admit that I’ve been called on my bull shit.  Now I have to find the courage to  lean into the discomfort of the venerability of writing.   So thank you I think…
    Bliss Always,
    Victor Force

    • 2yoshimi

       Victor-thanks for your honesty. My journey is teaching me to be comfortable with being unconformable. Fear keeps us small. Facing it and getting through it makes us confident.

  • Ginasrsen

    I get your point and agree, this is an area, faffing, that could use improvement. However, I also think it seems kind of egotistical to think we are so important that special that we should be using all our time pursuing our passion, being productive, eating perfectly or whatever it is. Down time to re-charge is just as important as the other side of the coin. I don’t believe you can have one without the other. I guess its just a matter of balance and being able to recognize and pull oneself back into balance when things are slipping too much one way or the other. 

  • PB

    Never heard of the word Faff , Now I Have + I now have a word for what I do so well. Peggy

  • Jahill713

    I am a faffer…change starts now! As soon as I get off Twitter, that is…

  • Oh my goodness do I faff a lot. This inspired me to write an entire post about how much I faff. Thanks for the insight and the reminder to stop avoiding–and start being present. (Even with that scary stuff.)

  • Ketchikan Annie

    I”m guilty!  Would love to see what others do to redeem themselves.

  • Adrienne

    omg, i am a huge faffer! glad i am not alone and glad to know i can be aware and get better. an occasional faff is fine but too much faffing ain’t no good! thanks as usual mastin! xo

  • Amanda

    My boyfriend and I really needed to hear this. It is been a year of soul organizing and we have been faffing off and on for far too long! 

  • Barb Elgin

    I think it’s important to ask WHY you are faffing and whether something really does quality as ‘frittering your life away’.  It could be that you are taking a break FROM some recent intense activity.  We are such a DOING-based culture that anything that feels like an ‘unplug’ or ‘reboot’ from intense activity helps reset us for the next period of focusing doing.  So, does your Facebook use verge on ‘addiction’ or is it helping you in some other way.  I do agree though that most of us live lives that are either ‘smaller’ than our grand purpose or in a reactionary (unfocused) way.

  • Rhonda

    Here’s a structure I put in place to conquer faffing (new word to me, but know it well). I am a copywriter so when I have a new sales letter to write for a client or myself, I set the timer for 30 minutes and during those 30 minutes, I don’t check email or facebook or get up to play with the dog or cat…I just focus on that task…and I know the timer is ticking away and I know what I want to get done in that 30 minutes. After that 30 minutes is up, I can get up and stretch or take a break – check email, etc (better to check email just twice a day but who am I kidding? I haven’t evolved to that place yet…) and then I can set the timer again and do it all over again if needed.

  • I really like this because I’ve been a faffer and did not even know it!

  • Ukgm007

    I am an Olympic champion gaffer, so how do I break the endless faffing?

  • Lindaworster

    I am faffing right now!   Using and responding to social media while listening to Christmas music….my typical faffing activities at least this time of year.  I love the word faffing…the sound of it brings to mind a mental image of a wandering soul.  Yes, I have real, meaningful things to do, so why am I faffing?  Mastin, I think you’re right.  Fear is at the bottom of it all. Fear of failing or not being able to sustain success.  And you’re right again – it’s all BS.  Thank you for the article; now I know I’m not alone in faffing.  But now that it has a name, it sounds like something I don’t want to participate in.

  • Pretty sure all I do is faff.   : -/
    Like now!  Here I am with 8 tabs open in Chrome; none of them work related.  Well, here is to 2013 and changing bad habits!

  • FriendinMoscow

    Ok, ok, I’m going to work on that poem next time I’m free, at least a little bit:-)

  • Once again MK- you are soooo reading my mail! I was just saying the other day that I can seem to find a zillion and one random things to do– like bathing the dog, do laundry which I loathe and especially wasting time on social media (I think I could be considered a SM ho-bag at this point:-)– rather than write my book.  In Texas we calling faffing..PIDDLING!  I have a PHD in piddling. 2013 will be different. Thanks again!

  • Lucy Houston

    Thanks for the food for thought…. I’m going to chew on it a while, because I know the faff is true in my life too. I have felt that exhausted feeling of, “I cannot keep doing this thing that’s wearing me out, but I don’t seem to be able to stop it either.”  Mine has taken the form of sleeping, cigarettes, solitaire on cell phone, facebook, tv…  Each time that I over-engage in something, I end up with this exhausted feeling, like it’s ruining my life. But still, I can’t seem to stop it.

    Here’s where I struggle though. We are also meant to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Yes, it’s important to strive and to pay attention and to grow and challenge ourselves, but it’s also important to chill the hell out. When I was in Europe recently, I was amazed at how much attentive effort they put into their entertainments.  A whole afternoon and evening in a friend’s garden, with flowers and wine and conversation and a candle lit table… no one was in a hurry to get anywhere.  It was relaxed and lovely. We often took a stroll through the park, just to chat and enjoy each other’s company.  It wasn’t all about “30 minutes of exercise!”. A Saturday afternoon reading a book… These types of relaxation are different from the way I play solitaire on my phone with the tv running in the background while checking my FB status on my computer…  

    I think we are so pressured to perform all the time, that we avoid that pressure with these addictive behaviors. I think if we allowed ourselves down time – the real stuff, not the addictive crap I mentioned – that our productive hours would be so much more focused. thanks Mastin!

  • RobP

    Boy did this hit home – exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks, Mastin.

  • Deborah M Wall

    Nice to know I’m not the only Faffer out there, if you could get a degree for it I’d have one. I know I do it and yet I still get caught in the faffy tentacles. I’m inspired by your honest sharing it empowers me to look in my dark spaces and bring light to them. So here’s to a faffy free 2013.

  • I faff all the time. I never actually really thought about it, until I read this post. If I think about it I tend to put off things and then fill the time up with mindless tasks. Thanks for posting this and getting me thinking! 

  • I do a lot of that as well, but not point 4. I hate housework. I’d rather do the bookkeeping, and that says a lot.

  • This is definitely something I have become more aware of recently. I have been doing things that have not been really fulfilling what it is I really desire in life. I’ve been going to a great holistic health and mind body wellness type of school this past year and I just completed my program. It hit me hard that I wasn’t doing much of what I really wanted to do through it all. This isn’t about judging or criticizing myself, this is me in observer mode stating what it is I saw. I would hold myself back, there would be homework in a lot of classes that were more like soul work…where you would journal or answer questions that would take you within and I would do half the work required because really it wasn’t totally required to pass the class. Really though I was avoiding things I didn’t want to face. Life is funny though because it will keep bringing those very things you don’t want to face until you do, and I am now. I am doing the work, taking ACTION instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for the right moment, every moment is the right moment and no  future moment is the perfect moment. So glad I read this today. <3 Blessings everyone <3

  • Faffing, definitely, that is me. Frustrating because I am always trying to improve through reading and listening constantly to things to improve  my self. I had a thought today before reading this, about how competitive I was thirty years ago in high school cross country. I don’t know where that drive has gone over the years… that focused energy?

  • Sunbeamflyer

    I’m Queen Faffer!!! Thank you for this post, I needed reminding that this is not a title I wish to retain! Now to defaff!

  • Diana

    Assuming our ultimate goal here on Earth is to experience spiritual growth… I have gained a deeper understanding of how we deliberately put obstacles in our paths. Drugs, alcohol, carbohydrates, work, sex, obsessing about weight, drama, worry…. these are all thing (but not All the things..) we place along our path to spiritual growth. Is it fear that keeps us from our destiny of growth? Is it that we have agreed to come to learn Compassion or Empathy or Patience, etc… and when we arrive we are met with such an array of sinful Earthly distractions that we purposly (subconsciously) put these obstacles in our way so that we can stay longer? For when our lesson is known, fully understood…. our time here is over. 

  • Cjones Ku

    I recently deleted my Facebook, I have been doing some serious faffing and quite frankly faffing stresses me out. So I am limiting the social media especially over the holidays. I want to enjoy the time with my FAMILY not the MEDIA.  I seriously can sit hours upon hours on my laptop when I really should be studying for school or going to the gym. 2013 will be different and I am going to start now!

  • Ellie

    Faffing killed my GPA this semester. Wait – I killed my GPA by faffing. Thanks for putting a word to my thought and some fuel in my fire to fix it next month!

  • Lady_fun86

    OMG, I’m be faffing around all these days, nothing constructive at home….after reading this article I realized it….now I’m making a list for priority and not for faffing….thx…so helpful

  • Nikki

    I faff to avoid taking on my responsibilities…in turn, I waste day after day and wonder why I don’t get where I want!!!  I can’t live a bigger life until I’m willing to live the very small life I have dwindled down to.

  • Matthew

    Thanks Mastin. This is just what I needed. I definitely faff more often than I care to admit. Time for a change, today.

  • Interesting concept: faffing.  By the definition, I definitely do it.  Way too much.  I have a novel that I’m so close to finishing.  But yet I put off working on it.  I have other things I “need” to attend to.  Faff.  Why don’t I want to finish my novel?  I don’t know.  I’ve actually thought about it, but I haven’t pinpointed a reason WHY I keep putting off doing the final read-through and getting it published.  I WANT to write.   I have ideas for future stories and novels.  I LIKE this current one.  Yet, why am I dragging my feet?  I’ll need to sit with this one a bit more for sure. 
    Thanks for the interesting post!