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Are you great at taking care of others but not yourself?

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There’s a trend I’ve been seeing, at first in my own life and now more and more in the lives of others that I meet.

It goes a little something like this…

You want to help others. Helping others really makes you happy. You would do almost anything to help other people, to take care of them, Love them and nurture them.

But one thing is wrong – you don’t take care of yourself.

So, you are full of resentment, anger and sadness. You feel depleted. What was once the joy of giving and being of service has turned into being worn out and not getting your needs met.

But – you’re scared to receive, you’re scared to be vulnerable and admit you need help and a part of you doesn’t think you’re worth the trouble anyway.

Sound familiar?

Well, it does to me too because that’s how I’ve felt about myself for a long time. Until things got so painful that I had to change.

As I’ve been touring the beautiful U.S., I’ve come into contact with so many people (mostly women) who have been sharing their own version of this story with me.

It’s the story of the healer who can’t seem to help him or herself.

Something is off with this story. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. It’s self-ish.

You have to have some level of self-focus and self-care in order to be able to have enough to give away.

In these past few nights on tour, I’ve really done my best to inspire folks to realize that it’s totally OKAY and actually necessary to take care of yourself.

We want you around to live your purpose and give your gift for a long time. If you are so worn out that you end up resenting those you are helping, what good is that to you or them?

It can be scary to dive into self-care. It can be scary to take time for you. But it might be just what you need.

Maybe clear out that packed schedule for some down time. Maybe take yourself out for some yoga, a massage or just take time for some good old fashioned silence. Maybe say no to all those people asking for your help — not because you’re selfish, but because dammit you need some rest!

The world won’t come to an end if you say no to others so that you can take care of yourself. Though you sometimes might think otherwise, others can survive without you for a little while while you take care of yourself.

Also, consider this – is it possible that you’ve been hiding from living your own dreams by putting all your focus on someone else and not on you?

Hmmm… what a convenient distraction from your dreams!

I’m not suggesting that you abandon those whom you Love, but what I am asking is have you abandoned yourself in the process of taking care of others? If so, what might getting yourself back look like?

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