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Are You Jealous Of People In Your Industry? Check This Out!

Do you ever feel things you wish you didn’t?

Yeah. Most of us have areas of our life we’re a wee bit embarrassed about (aside, of course, from hair growing in places it just has no business in!).

For example, do you ever get jealous of people in your industry who seem to be doing better than you? It’s a crappy state to be in, for sure.

What’s worse, it can be hard to talk about and work through because you think you should be “beyond” all that by now.

If you’ve ever wished for an effective way to deal with jealousy, I’ve got you covered.

In this video, learn why jealousy is actually a GOOD thing (yup yup!) and three simple steps to take whenever the green envy monster comes knockin’ at your door.

In the comments below, tell me what your “happy messenger” is telling you.  This question makes sense once you watch the vid.

Of course, if you have strategies, stories or tips on this topic, please share your stuff!



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