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Are You Scared Of Being Scared? Be Afriad (Not)!

6Dana Lynne Curry_9508[1] “Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you scared of being scared? I am. It makes me want to run away and try to control or forget the yucky stuff that scares me. As Eleanor Roosevelt recommends, we should do some (one) thing everyday that scares us. Which, really means, that we must try to tune into what we are scared of–AND INTENTIONALLY DO THE THING THAT scArEs us The MoStEsT!  . . . seems kind of counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

For me, the scariest thing lately (as in, for the past ten years), is speaking my truth and sharing my feelings.

I’ve never been very good at this. You see, I never thought my feelings were right (have you ever heard of right feelings? OMG), and I never got that my voice was, well, worthy of being heard, truth be told (why did I believe my voice was less important than anyone else’s?).

I never got that others valued what I had to say, and that is what caused me to take my feelings







and even medicate myself with unhealthy behaviors, attitudes, mindsets, and patterns. I am so, so lucky that the important people in my life are willing to hear the truth, albeit SUPER KLUNKY most of the time…



(in disguise)




as in,

our best opportunity for growth. 

A mentor of mine, Mastin, has taught me that my fear informs me what I MUST do next–like a signpost or a roadmap. For example, if I’m scared of telling my friend how I feel or share what I think,  it’s EXACTLY what I need to DO! It’s the total OPPOSITE of how I’ve lived much of my life. I’m so lucky and blessed that I (sort of) get it now. . .

“Go to your fears, sit with them, stare at them.

Your fears are your friend, their only job is to show you undeveloped parts

of yourself that you need to cultivate to live a happy life.

The more you do the things you’re most afraid of doing the more life opens up.

Embrace your fears and your fears will embrace you.”

– Jackson Kiddard

So, according to this amazing quote, we are supposed to be friends with stuff that scares the CrAp out of us–and, (what the heck?)–our fears are FRIENDS–they show us what we NEED TO DO–WHAT WE MUST DO— TO GROW.

Story opportunity: My daughter, Chloe, told me she saw a book called Courage (Waber) that she wanted to get–so, we went down to our awesome neighborhood bookstore called the Wild Rumpus and bought the book!

So weird! When we got home, I received a package from UPS delivering a book that I forgot I had ordered a few months back.

Guess what it was called? Courage (Ford)!

We had both wanted the same book? AND they arrived on the same day!

Coincidence? NO WAY! Synchronicity? YES WAY!

SO what exactly is synchronicity?

English teacher moment:

syn = same

chron = time

icity = the quality of

So, it basically means the quality of occurring at the same time. I also call these magical momentsawakening callsfairy whispersUni-verse knocks, GodWinks, and signs.


These moments happen to me almost every day now, because I have learned to pay attention and listen. It could be a stranger’s conversation, a piece of paper I find, a bug or an animal, or a hug from my children.

Have you faced a fear lately? Or, have you ever experienced a synchronicity that you were aware of? Let me know in the comments!

No coincidences!

;0) Dana


Dana Lynne Curry, Ph.D., has been teaching middle school English (with no low bun) for over 23 years. She is a gReaT-fuL Writer, Storyteller, Teacher, Student, Irreverent GoofBall, Blogger, Servant, Philosopher, Spiritual Collagist (is that a word?), Mama, LoVer of LiFe!, Amazing Friend, and one cOOL pUsSy caT!! Find Dana at funfreeME  on Facebook and on Twitter @funfreeMe1.