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Are you setting yourself up for success?

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I think I’ve finally done it! I think I’ve finally created a system that will help me to get all my work done and at the same time be fully creative. It took me about six years since I’ve been trying to figure it out – and while the answer is simple, I am SO excited that I found it!

I have had the hardest time trying to be creative (and write my blogs, book and screenplay) while at the same time being effective and getting work done. Up until last week I’ve had one computer – a Toshiba. I know… Most people think that the guy who writes TDL MUST be writing on a MAC! But it hasn’t been the case. The words you’ve seen on the blog are all written through a PC. Until now.

And part of my creative breakthrough was indeed getting a MAC. But the MAC itself isn’t what caused the breakthrough.

My habits up until now have been to do everything on one computer. And in one space. But that hasn’t been working because it’s SO hard to be creative and work at the same time. It’s hard to write a book or a screenplay when emails are coming in and that darn red square is lighting up on Facebook to let me know someone did something on the platform.

So, in a meditation I felt that I needed to have a separate machine – a MAC. And so I went online to look at the new MACs and as usual – they were waaaay more expensive than my $400 Toshiba! And it’s the end of the year and I’m paying taxes and all sorts of year end bills plus I’ve been investing majorly in TDL’s expansion – so I didn’t want to spend the money. BUT – then I remembered I had credit card rewards points. And so I cashed ’em in and got a brand new 15 inch Mac Book Pro! It arrived last week and I’ve been writing on it ever since.

And it’s been cool, but I’ve only been writing on it and I’ve been leaving the PC behind. But that’s not cool because all my work is being done on the PC. The whole point was to have ONE place where I was creative and another place where I did work. But the awesomeness of the MAC and the lack of stuff on it was drawing me to stay there and I found myself getting behind on emails and the like.

So, I had my genius – simple – aha moment. And that was to have both computers open and ready. So, now that is what I do. I have a L-shaped desk and so the part of my desk that faces my floor to ceiling windows and all of Hollywood is my creative side. And it’s clear. Then, one turn to the right and I have my work computer facing my giant wall of calendars that span the next 18 months!

And it’s rad. I can be writing – and then have an idea and send an email. Or something comes up and I can take action. And if I’m doing work and have a creative idea – I can pop over to the MAC and jot it down and capture it.

I know it sounds so silly and so simple, but I have never felt more creatively free or productive in my life. It’s only been a few days and I feel like I’ve settled into a new groove. I can express myself AND manifest work at the same time. And the two different computers with different look, feel and purposes helps me stay in the creative or work flow. It’s totally simple and totally liberating.

And I feel like I have set myself up for success on an even greater playing field to be both creative and productive. How can you set yourself up for success today? It doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be a simple change. I’m curious.

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