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Are you the main thing stopping your dreams from coming true?

Yesterday was awesome. Jenna and I got up early to watch the first simulcast of Super Soul Sunday on Facebook. It’s also the first time we watched a full Super Soul Sunday program because it was streamed on Oprah’s Facebook page and

We also tuned in because one of my FAVORITE spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, was on the show. You could call Caroline Myss my spiritual midwife. She was the first author in the personal growth area that I found out about and resonated with. Her program Energy Anatomy and Advanced Energy Anatomy were a game changer in my life. I also did her morning and evening guided meditations for about a year called, “Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice”.

So when Caroline Myss speaks, I listen. She said something on Super Soul Sunday yesterday that really hit me. She said, “When you betray yourself, you are no different than the people who hurt you.”

BAM, DAMN – that one hit me hard. She said that the ultimate form of betrayal is the betrayal of yourself. And the rub with that is that the only person who can control whether you betray you or not is, well… you. Just like the only thing you and all your problems have in common is you.

This all points back to how powerful we truly are in our lives. In EVERY MOMENT we are choosing to either empower or disempower ourselves. In every moment we are either making choices that are in alignment with our purpose, or we are sacrificing that choice for some form of comfort. We make comfort and certainty more powerful and important than our soul’s calling. And we slowly and subtly abandon ourselves. That is the fate of many, many people.

And then they find themselves in a state of giving up on their dreams.

But, it’s NEVER too late to make a new choice. If you have abandoned yourself, if you have given up, if you have made the approval of others or comfort more important than the Whispers of The Uni-verse, it’s not too late.

We compromise ourselves because we are terrified of change. Many of us assume the worst will happen and then do everything we can to avoid it. We have post-traumatic stress. Well, what if we assumed that the BEST was going to happen and began to specialize in what my friend, Tony Robbins, calls post-traumatic GROWTH! What if we have to go through the down times, the hard times, and the “dip” and that IS part of the best happening? What if the scariest things we could imagine happening have to happen right before we realize our dreams – not as punishment, but so we have the EXPERIENCE that we are stronger than and can transcend our fears?!

As Myss says, we lose our power when we betray ourselves. We get that power back when we live and express our truth. That is what being a magnet of attraction is all about… Not because YOU are so special, but because when you allow The Divine to run the show, It WILL hook you up with everything you need to make it happen, but not before you come closer to have a relationship with The Divine. And many times the only way that can happen is by removing everything else from your life so there are no distractions.

So, are you abandoning yourself to please another? Are you betraying yourself? It’s never to late to make a new choice. Why not do so, right… now?



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