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Are You Willing To See The Perfection In Your Imperfection And Know That You Are Enough?

Today was the final day for my CTI Co-Active Coach training.  I was challenged and pushed and prodded further into purpose than ever before.

I admit to feeling a little raw and vulnerable after my experience today, but the result is a clearer focus on creating my vision and making a difference.

And the only way I can show up for others is to fully show up for myself. I can only realize my purpose if I am conscious, awake and aware.

The impact that I want to have on the world is to bring to light the divine birthright of alignment to The Uni-verse that is the inheritance of every human being.

And I can only achieve this through claiming my own inheritance as a divine spiritual being.

There is no place for indecision or lack in the plan that The Uni-verse has for each one of us. It is the tireless mission of The Uni-verse to fulfill you as a total and complete human being. And it is our right to ask for this inheritance just as you would expect your inheritance from a parent.

Until we become a familiar neighbor in the village of unity with The Uni-verse, we will not be able to tap into manifesting and causation.

I was shoved kicking into my purpose and lovingly challenged to get out of my own way, see the perfection in my imperfection, know that “I am enough” and realize that “someday is now.”

The very act of being fully aware of where you want to get to will narrow the gap between where you are now, and where you want to get to.

You are a child of The Uni-verse with the potential of connecting to your own inner divinity. You are an expanding, growing, evolving recognition of this divine birth right. There can be no limit to The Uni-verse (just gaze into the night sky), so it follows that there can be no limitation to you, once you tap into The Uni-verse’s consciousness.

The Uni-verse is not challenging us to some unachievable impossible task, but rather asking us to get out of our own way so that we can lay claim to possibilities that were always ours.

We need to recognize that the “problems” we experience along life’s journey are just frustrations of our own potential as we get back into realignment with The Uni-verse, and we should not use them as fodder to feel unworthy of claiming our birthright of our inner divinity.

So is it possible that you’re avoiding moving towards your purpose for fear of not getting it?

Are you ready to claim your inheritance as a divine spiritual being?

Would you be willing to see the perfection in your imperfection, know that “you are enough” and realize that “someday is now?”

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Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of “The Daily Way Home.”  He has also been an Actor, a Commercial Pilot, a Business Co-Owner and an Events Coordinator at a Major City Art Gallery.