Are You Willing To SEE Vulnerability?

KathleenChelquist12813“Pain is an unavoidable part of life and when you are willing to choose love-you will learn the difference between pain and suffering.”

-Cinnamon Lofton

Target Audience: Are you a person who has been willing to see that your dreams of: marriage, kids, career, money, friends, family, beauty, and everything but the white picket fence, has not ultimately brought you the serenity for which you had hoped? You have achieved societies models of what happiness should look like but are still not creating inner peace. You are still wondering who you really are and what your life’s purpose is all about. You have an amplitude of spiritual and self-help books on your nightstand and have allowed the power therein to elude you. You are exhausting yourself with cookie-cutter dogmas and want to remember what you know to be real. You yearn for a spiritual connection to yourself, which will help you see that you can create peace no matter how great the challenge. You are tired of feeling separate and aching for oneness in a world of varying politics, race and religion. You long to surrender to Love, the one and only universal truth. (Tweet-worthy!) You thirst to see someone who is walking through the unknown door while going through the pain versus resisting it. You desire for tangible proof that the journey is worth taking. Similar to following an overweight person losing each pound on the popular show, “The Biggest Loser,” you hunger to see a different kind of real life example of someone returning to their heart. To SEE what vulnerability is instead of reading or hearing about it.

Please allow me to introduce myself… My name is Kathleen Chelquist, and I am the person I just described.

I have been a “Contributor” on The Daily Love for over a year. Some of you have read about my fourth time journey with eye cancer, its physicality, and my reactions to the “opportunities” that have been presented in my life. But, what you haven’t seen is…me. For I have been hiding. And I no longer want to wear my Sunglasses At Night. I have learned that embracing my vulnerability brings up the strength within me. We hear that we need to face our own vulnerability, and we don’t SEE it in action very often for all the world to see.

Well, you are about to see vulnerability now if you choose to continue…My heart nudged me to share it. Please spread this message if you experience the desire to do so, and support me in breaking through the illusion (that I choose from time to time) that beauty is on the outside only.

With all my heart,



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  • MeredithShay

    I decided to catch up on my Daily Love as I lay wide awake in bed this morning. I’m glad I did. Not normally one to watch the videos that might accompany the blogs on here, I just watched yours.

    I have Duane’s syndrome in my left eye. The muscles don’t pull my left eye in conjunction with what my right eye is doing-so sometimes it looks like my eyes are doing their own thing. As a child I adapted and would turn my head if I needed to see, but kids were curious as to why my eyes didn’t look like theirs sometimes and the questions began. It’s something that I was hyper aware of growing up, and for the longest time I wished and prayed that there would be a surgery to fix my ailment. Within the last few years of my life I have come to terms with accepting it as part of who I am.

    You are absolutely right, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So some people get it, and some don’t. As your video went on, I saw a brave woman who was willing to share what makes you HUMAN, with no facade. You were vulnerable and real, and to me these are some of the most beautiful qualities I can witness in another human being. What you are doing reminds me so much of Brené Brown and what she teaches in The Gift of Imperfection. Our ability to connect with others means we have to be vulnerable and put our selves out there with a possibility that pain can come from the interaction. But vulnerability is a necessity to true connection with others too. We can’t get that authenticity any other way.

    Thank you for being authentic and passionate about what you do! I hope this was coherent too…I should be sleeping but really wanted to respond after watching. : )

    With love,

    • Kathleen Chelquist

      WOW! Thank you so much. Some of us our “Walking And Talking” all around the world on our Peace Train, and I wanted to share it with TDL, too. (Thus, the “Chugga, Chugga”). Since doing the blog, I have shifted, and it took being vulnerable to help me make that change. I know it is the most powerful thing I have done so far, and I am so excited about it. I have often wondered if it would have been easier if I had it as a child. I clearly SEE this is not so. My eye started to drift (slightly) at 29-years-old. Being a person that received quite a bit of attention for my looks throughout HS, college, etc., I devastated myself. I decided to “try” and get it fixed, and the Dr. made it WORSE. And I would say, “WAY” worse. It is so obvious that I was to do more with my life than be first in line at clubs (LOL). Yeah, I was THAT girl. It was fun, too…but not nearly as fun as being the real me and focusing on what is truly important. Shining my light has been the most challenging work thus far. And, if I was granted a wish…I would NOT change my eye. It has been my guru and keeps me straight, pun intended. Thank you for being with me this morning, Meredith. I feel you, and I SEE you. Blessings, Kathleen