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Are you working too hard?

I know, it’s funny to think that we can work too hard, isn’t it?

As you know, I am on a fitness quest to be in the best shape of my life. It’s a part of my life that I have yet to master. But I AM and I WILL DARN IT!

I was reviewing my workout and eating schedule with a professional who is an expert in these matters. He rocks. And I showed him what I am eating, what I am doing every week. And to my SHOCK he told me I was working out too much.

C’mon! Really? He told me that I am already eating nutrient dense meals that are calorie deficient, but it still takes energy to lose weight. He says that adding too much stress to the body actually prevents weight loss, because it puts our bodies in a state of holding on to what it has because it thinks it is starving. CRAZY! Never thought about that. He also said that working out too much isn’t sustainable long-term.

It was a total mind reversal that I had never yet considered. Could it be possible that I am working out too much? And you know me, always gotta go deeper on it. And this idea totally ties in with what I was writing about earlier in the week – taking time away for ourselves so that we can show up better for others.

It really seems that this is the message The Uni-verse is trying to send to me right now – slow down Mastin. And, I’m such a hard worker, I get a thrill from hard work, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and being “great” that I am starting to see how this quality also has a dark side. And that dark side is not serving me.

So, I’m in a state of reevaluating my life and seeing where else I am working too hard. Because normally when we have a trait in one area of our life, it tends to be pervasive in all areas of our life.

Today’s blog is short and sweet. Could you also be working too hard and not getting enough rest? Could you be pushing yourself over your limits for short-term gain that isn’t sustainable for long-term health and happiness? There are a lot of comments in the community having this discussion on the BLOG, so head on over there and let’s discuss!

Much love & rest,


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