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Alice Grist is the author of four books. Her first book was The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment, which saw Alice explore alternative spirituality from her modern day, fun loving perspective. The second is Prediction Magazine Award Winning (Best Book 2012) The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living. Following Alice's dabbling with different faiths, she decided to forget all of them, and simply live spiritually. This book is a fiery and funny account of just what she learned! Alice's third book, Dear Poppyseed A Soulful Mommas Pregnancy Journal, which is a personal, spiritual (and very human) account of her first pregnancy is to be published July 2013. Her most recent is Sinsational, Gritty Spirituality for Modern Women published July 2014.

Alice Grist is the Publisher of new John Hunt Publishing Imprint - Soul Rocks Books. Soul Rocks publishes soulful and spiritual books for a new generation. She is a frequent contributor to many magazines and online lifestyle sites including regular articles on Huffington Post, Natural Health (The Soul Diva), Hello Giggles and The Conversation writing about motherhood, spirituality and soulful living in her own quirky, accessible and fierce style. Alice lives in the UK with her musician husband James, baby daughter and two cats., Facebook Pages: The High Heeled Guide to Enlightennment, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living and Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma's Pregnancy Journal, Twitter @AliceGrist, Instagram @Highheeledspirit

Reframe Your Regret – There Are No Mistakes!

One sunny day, I was driving along thinking of all the things that could have been but never were. You know how it is, reminiscing about the past, playing things out differently in your head. Fantasizing what might have been, what should have been or what you could have done better. My mind soon turned… Continue Reading →

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Dance On – Dealing with Being Judged

As a spiritual so and so I generally go about my life in a waft of unfazed loveliness. Ok, that’s a bit of a lie. In reality I’m happier and calmer and generally less emotionally dramatic than I was a few years ago. I’m a work in progress and I do my best to be… Continue Reading →

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What brought you here? To this moment? This feeling?

On any spiritual path, a very important question is: what brought you here? It is all too easy for me to tip, tap, type away about my spiritual learnings, indeed I have done so now in three books. But the really important, vital question is what brought you to this moment? What made you launch… Continue Reading →

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Is Your Problem Actually A Solution? Flat Tires And The Uni-verse

I started off the New Year with three flat tires. One on my car, two on my daughter’s stroller. This seemed like more flat tires than any one person should have to deal with. But rather than rail against the Uni-verse and growl and moan to the skies, I had a little think about it…. Continue Reading →

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Spiritualize Your Resolutions in 2014

Traditionally resolutions are all about trying to control your life through making stringent and unforgiving changes to your existence. My spiritual approach finds that doing the opposite, giving up control, is far more powerful in making lasting and meaningful change. When we cease trying to fit into a perfect idea of who we are, we… Continue Reading →

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Playing Loving Witness To Troubles And Tantrums

I have an 18-month-old daughter, and she has started to have toddler tantrums. These perplexing volcanoes of emotion can arise from all manner of events, silly, serious or otherwise. When subsumed in a ‘wobbly,’ nothing can knock her out of it. She is determined to feel how she is feeling, and to feel it as… Continue Reading →

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When You Are The Chaos… Start Stopping

Yeah that’s a slightly confusing title for an article, I know. But no doubt if you are attracted to it, it is because you are a tad bit confused yourself. Sometimes chaos and manic woo woo is the most attractive thing in our lives. It is seemingly the driver that pushes us forward. We throw… Continue Reading →

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Making Space For Inspiration

Inspiration is a mythical beast isn’t it! We can search for decades to find it, trolling our inner depths and taking on massive outward adventure. It can be as elusive as a once trodden upon grass snake. Then it hits. Right when you aren’t looking for it. Right when you probably wanted to do something… Continue Reading →

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Spirituality Is Hilarious

Spirituality is hilarious. In fact, it is the best joke most of us will never quite get. It’s the funniest thing I have yet to encounter, and here is why and how I know: First up, I have to say that I have not always known this. Raised by a priest who became a Wiccan… Continue Reading →

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Gay Parents And What I Know About Love

I love this website because Mastin encourages us to be vulnerable and to share our stories. As a spiritual author, who just became a mom, I see how the chaos and vulnerabilities in our lives are what form our strengths later down the line. My childhood was quite unusual and I want to share it… Continue Reading →

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My Perfect, Imperfect Birth!

Nearly a year ago I gave birth to my little girl. The royal baby is due very soon (like today maybe) and I am transported back to that time in my life, so saturated with love and hope and desires of perfection. It so happens that the book of my pregnancy and birth is also… Continue Reading →

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Sinsational. How A Little ‘Bad’ Living Makes You Better!

When we foray into faith or spiritual thought, we often stumble over the common expectation that spiritual equals saintly. Religion has a lot to answer for in this regard. Religion has since forever touted the belief that we better be good or else Santa ain’t coming and heaven’s gates will remain firmly shut. Because of… Continue Reading →

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