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Azita Ardakani

About Azita Ardakani

Azita Ardakani is the 25 year old found of Lovesocial, a social media agency focused on online cause and corporate initiatives.

Asking For The Resolutions You Really Want!

Many people will make New Years Resolutions and yet might say they do not practice visualization. To me they are a variation of the same. The act of intentional personal planning sets the stage for what you will attract and strive to attain. However, throughout the years, my stance on how (or rather why) to… Continue Reading →

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Ten Guidelines For Being Mindful Online

While the Internet is an enormous gift, web-based activities can sometimes serve as a distraction. Disconnecting as a means of connecting is not always a bad thing. In an age saturated in digital touch points, we must strive to be mindful online. By fragmenting our daily activity, we are sometimes not present to either world:… Continue Reading →

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Understanding Purpose

I came to understand purpose through a process of deductive dreaming, awareness and intuition. The first part, deductive dreaming, began when I was 17-years-old. My brother observed me coming home from college, always exhausted. I was working two to three jobs to help shave off some of my looming student debt and had yet to… Continue Reading →

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