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Catherine Oxenberg

About Catherine Oxenberg

I was born in NYC, raised in London, admitted to Harvard University, transferred to Columbia, then dropped out when my modeling & acting career took off. You might remember me (if you are old enough!) as Diana, Princess of Wales, in the biographical film The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana or as Amanda Carrington (some people still remember the character’s name!) on the 80’s hit TV series Dynasty. 
In 2005, I took a departure from acting, and ventured into the unscripted world, when I enrolled my entire blended family (except for my husband, who had to be dragged) in a reality series on Lifetime - I Married a Princess. The title was a humorous poke at my royal heritage - My mother is H.R.H Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and I am Empress Catherine the Great of Russia’s great x7 granddaughter. I live in Malibu CA with a somewhat dodgy view of the ocean and am currently raising five amazingly rambunctious children, India, Grace, Maya Celeste and Casper - not to be confused with my husband Casper (it seems that all 1st-born Van Diens are called Casper!) - ranging in ages from 9-21 - without a nanny – it’s been 2 years now.

I have been married to actor Casper Van Dien since 1999. We recently started a production company together, Holy Cow Entertainment with the intention of developing socially responsible, uplifting projects. Our first film – which we wrote together - is Royal Exile, a script about my grandfather H.R.H Prince Paul of Yugoslavia’s heroic efforts to save Yugoslavia from the Nazis. 
My most recent endeavor is a blog where I share intimate (probably too!) experiences, personal anecdotes, insights and resources for anyone interested in growth, health, parenting, relationships, improving quality of life, the eternal quest for peace, joy, fulfillment, wholeness and aligning with one’s soul’s purpose. And for those who can’t stomach the deep – I might provide a smattering of tacky, superficial gossipy stuff!

I support several charities and am an Ambassador for Childhelp USA – an incredible organization that rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected children. I have spoken on their behalf at the Senate on several occasions. I support women’s rights around the world and am passionate about improving the conditions of women who live in oppressive cultures. I am also an advocate for the ethical treatment of farm animals.

Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose

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