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Unpacking Your Anxiety Bag!

There are multiple metaphors I use in my new book Emotional Equations to describe how emotions work in our lives. The one that feels most familiar to me is “baggage” – an apt metaphor for me…a hotelier. Countless times I’ve seen people show up at our front desks with all kinds of baggage – and… Continue Reading →

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Despair = Suffering – Meaning!

I am very proud of this equation. It’s the one that got me started on creating Emotional Equations. I took Viktor Frankl’s book and distilled it down to this useful mantra at a time in my life in 2008 when I had a series of friends commit suicide, had a flatline experience myself while giving… Continue Reading →

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Curiosity = Wonder + Awe!

Some recent studies have shown that curiosity is one of the most valuable emotional qualities people can have during the most difficult of times. Fear and most negative emotions train us to narrow our scope. “Fight or flight” reactions have been evolution’s means of helping us to avert danger. But, today, quite often our best… Continue Reading →

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Happiness = Wanting What You Have/Having What You Want!

People often have a love-hate relationship with this equation. The proper definitions of the numerator and denominator are what create the magic. “Wanting what you have” can be translated into “practicing gratitude,” having a reverence for what is working in your life. The more tricky definition is in the bottom of this equation. To “have… Continue Reading →

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Becoming Your Own Chief Emotion Officer!

Most of us learned how to drive a car or use a computer at school, but how many of us took Emotions 101 during our childhood? Yet, as adults, we often say “our emotions got the best of us,” as if there’s some evil twin lurking inside of us ready to unleash an emotional thunderstorm… Continue Reading →

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