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Chris Redlitz

About Chris Redlitz

Chris is the managing partner of Transmedia Capital, a technology investment fund focused on early stage digital media companies. Chris also works with aspiring entrepreneurs through KickLabs, the San Francisco based technology accelerator that he founded in 2009. Several years ago Chris began to formulate a program that addresses some of the challenges that face the prisons in California. With his wife Beverly, he developed a program called The Last Mile at San Quentin State Prison. This program teaches fundamental communication skills, business plan development and prepares the participants for jobs in the technology sector. The program has been a rousing success and there is interest to expand the program throughout California and into other states. Every week, stories are written by the men in the program and published on The Daily Love. We hope you enjoy this insight to the incarcerated and please provide your comments. You comments inspire them and help them continue their journey to rehabilitation.

Do emotions like empathy, love, and compassion exist in prisons?

This is a question that was presented to men in The Last Mile program at San Quentin. This response is from Darnell Hill. My first response to this question is: where there are humans: empathy, love, and compassion exist. This being my first time in prison, I too came in with the notion or assumption… Continue Reading →

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San Quentin Demo Day – Life Changing for Most and Thought Provoking for All

When my wife Beverly and I walk through the prison gates at San Quentin State Prison every week, it is very purpose driven and natural, a far cry for years past when we considered San Quentin’s decaying structure, a misplaced menace that should be ignored. Our previous views are shared by most of the populous,… Continue Reading →

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What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Every week we listen to pitches from start-up entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, presenting their ideas that they hope may lead to the “next big thing” in digital media. Some of the ideas will become viable businesses, but few will break out from the crowd to become truly disruptive, market changing and experience hyper growth. So,… Continue Reading →

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