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About Claudia Chan

After 12 magnificent (& maddening) years as a female entrepreneur immersed in women’s media, I am on a mission to motivate all women to dream and do BIG, aim and achieve HIGH by connecting you to the pulse and stories of today’s most inspirational women. The light bulb went off a year ago when I realized I needed to leverage my media experience, rolodex and relationships with successful women for PURPOSE. I felt frustrated by alarming statistics and the lack of empowering content for women in the mainstream media that not only celebrates women’s achievements, but also shares their wisdom in a cool way. So I set out to create a motivational resource in my vision and voice — to interview as many incredible women as possible and uncover their wisdom and life lessons for mutual benefit. Learn more about our company mission here and why now is the time to join our community.

How I Found Inspiration In The Women Around ME!

I have spent my entire life surrounded by women. From attending the all-girls Hewitt School as a child in Manhattan to my undergraduate work at the girls only Smith College, women have shaped my perspective through learning and camaraderie. My own mother’s advice guided my career path. When I was a little girl, she told… Continue Reading →

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