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Cynthia Occelli

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I believe that life is for living, success can only be defined by the one pursuing it, and we’re entitled to have the life we want. I am apolitical. I don't discriminate among parties, groups, or religions. I support ideas that bring real improvement to people's lives. If a healing or helpful idea comes from liberals, Buddhists, conservatives, Jews or gypsies, I'll embrace it. I love people who tell their truth, even when I disagree, and those who accept that mistakes and failures are milestones on the path to greatness. I wither around gossip and doomsayers.

The Love Of Your Life!

When Mastin honored me with the opportunity to write a post for his extraordinary blog, a flurry of topics danced through my mind, but one leapt out: Love (obviously). I’m thrilled, humbled and grateful! Love is the most powerful force there is and we can never have too much, yet so many say they have… Continue Reading →

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