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Dee Wallace

About Dee Wallace

Jennifer McLean has called Dee Wallace the irreverent healer, and Dee loves it! She is a firm believer in a glass of wine, a not-so-acceptable word every now and then, and the clearest channel on the planet! Dee is all about family, and acting, and love, and choice and empowerment. She balances her time between auditioning, shooting, call-in talk shows, writing books and daily healing sessions, and always makes more than enough time with her daughter and family that mean so much to her.

Dee's work is based on the I Am Principle, and is called the I~M System of Healing. It empowers you to take responsibility of your own creation as the god of free will that you are. Through the perceptions and belief systems we own, our choices are created. We are the only ones who can create the freedom, excitement and power in our lives, regardless of what has happened to us previously. That is where our true power ies: in the choice of self creation.

The Light of You!

Material matter is created by lowering the light into manifestation by thought. Knowing this, there are two important factors in creating the stuff of Us. First of all, we are the light. So the very light we are is, quite literally, the energy we create with. Our individual light follows the direction of our thought… Continue Reading →

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