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About Dr. Frank Lipman

Dr. Frank Lipman is an internationally recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine. He is the founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, where for over 20 years his personal brand of healing has helped thousands of people reclaim their vitality and recover their zest for life. Focused on sustainable wellness – instead of quick fixes – he offers patients a customized blend of Western medicine with acupuncture, nutritional counseling, vitamins and herbs, relaxation techniques, physical therapy and bodywork.

In 2010 he developed Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, a line of leading-edge supplements and health programs. He is the author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again and Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality and Long-Term Health. Visit his blog, follow him on Twitter or join his Facebook community today.

Calling All Californians: Pass Prop 37….We Have A Right To Know!

Citizens of California, the time has come! We’re counting on you to lead the way, to vote GM crops out from the shadows and onto package labels! We’ve got Big Agro and Big Food on the run – so let’s chase them off our tables by voting to pass Prop 37 which will require genetically modified… Continue Reading →

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Plastics: Live Better Without ‘Em!

By now, most of us have gotten the message that the less plastic we use, the better off our planet and bodies will be. By using less plastic, particularly in the kitchen, we can reduce our daily toxic loads simply by ingesting fewer of the chemicals that leech out of plastics when heated. So how… Continue Reading →

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Worth Its Salt: The Best Salt For Your Body!

Contrary to popular belief, salt is not the devil. In fact, it’s a necessity — without it, the heart, muscles and brain simply cannot function. For most of us, even for those with hypertension, salt isn’t necessarily the enemy, but the type of salt you may be getting is. Refined salt is a poor food… Continue Reading →

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Stanford Questions Value of Organics And I Question Stanford!

  Recently The New York Times, NPR and numerous media outlets published articles highlighting the results of Stanford University’s study of organic food with tabloid-style headlines like “Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce” and “Why Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You” none of which made me, or any of us in the… Continue Reading →

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King Of The Veggies: 5 Reasons To Eat Kale!

Tang, instant mashed potatoes, TV dinners – chances are, if you were born in the 60’s or early 70’s, “Space Age” freeze- dried foods were the order of the day – futuristic, convenient and super cool – so much more exciting than old-fashioned, fresh, real food. Fortunately, over the last decade or so, attitudes towards food have… Continue Reading →

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How Eliminating Gluten From Your Life Can Change Your Life – Part Two!

Here’s a gluten-free bonus for you: Did you know that two slices of whole wheat bread contain six teaspoons of sugar?! Dr. Frank talks more about gluten with Bravo’s Tabatha Coffey: # # # Frank Lipman MD is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine. A practicing physician, he is the founder… Continue Reading →

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How Eliminating Gluten From Your Life Can Change Your Life!

Of all the problems I see in my practice, gluten is often one of the underlying causes from unexplained weight gain to fatigue to joint pains to digestive problems and more. In my new TV Wellness series, I speak to Tabatha Coffey, host of the hit show ‘Tabatha Takes Over,” about gluten and how eliminating… Continue Reading →

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Get Out There- Nature’s Healing Power

This modern hermetically-sealed lifestyle is turning many into indoor zombies — with dulled senses, suppressed immune systems, depressed spirits and sharply increased risk for illness and disease. One can hardly call that living — particularly when the healing power of nature is so close at hand and literally, outside your front door. If you are… Continue Reading →

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Vitamin D Health: Why You Shouldn’t Shun The Sun!

For the last 30 years or so, doctors (dermatologists in particular), health officials, beauty experts and many product companies have been demonizing the sun. They’ve told us to avoid it because without sunscreen, exposure to the sun’s rays will damage skin and cause cancer. But this oversimplification distorts the facts. In the past few years,… Continue Reading →

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How To Turn Your Genes On For Heath!

What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is the study of molecular mechanisms by which the environment controls gene activity. It is a new scientific field and it shows that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in stone at birth. Each of us inherits our own unique variation of the genetic code. We can’t change… Continue Reading →

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Making a Diagnosis is Less Important than Asking these 2 Questions!

After 30 years of practicing Medicine, I have learned that for any chronic illness or ailment, treating underlying imbalances and dysfunctions is more important than making a diagnosis and naming the disease. Ultimately, asking the right questions is more important than giving a label to a set of observations. This is because most if not… Continue Reading →

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Feel Good Fast: Let Go Of Gluten!

What is gluten and why do we wellness docs take such issue with it? Well, along with sugar and processed foods, I believe there is no greater drain on one’s energy than gluten. While some people are sensitive to it and others have no problem at all, the best way to figure out where you… Continue Reading →

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