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NY City cab driver, scrap metal hauler, dishwasher, census taker, mail boy, ditch digger, bouncer, illegal narcotic distributor, general contractor, actor, and radio announcer, carpenter. A BA in History from UCSB and an MA candidate in the Humanities at SF State University. Have read many books and lived in an ashram, seeker of God, experienced massive weight gain, ex-pot smoker, alcoholic, junkie, speed freak, raw foodist, vegan, cocaine aficionado, massive weight loss, lover, hater, father, husband, grad student, good guy, bad guy. I have kept the company of mortal sinners and ragged saints.

I am the subject of the documentary, May I Be Frank. My experience in dealing with addiction and weight loss compels me to speak about the power of transformation that rests in all of us. I am not an expert nor do I have the answer. I have witnessed the indisputable fact that we are all connected. What we do can and will make a difference. The three most important things a man can say: I don’t know. Would you please help me? I love you.

Picasso Knew!

I have this crazy idea that I’m supposed to know how to handle everything that comes my way. Because I’ve been on the planet so long, my ego thinks I should be sailing effortlessly through life.  I have achieved some mastery in dealing with life. But not in the areas where I need it most:… Continue Reading →

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When I’m Sixty-four

I’m still wrapping my head around being sixty.  People say the usual vapid nonsense they are trying to believe themselves.  “It’s only a number.”  “You’re only as young as you feel.”  I listen to them and regret mentioning anything.  After sixty years of roaming the earth, I still feel like the mother ship should be… Continue Reading →

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