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Hillary Pike

About Hillary Pike

Hillary Pike has been on a spiritual path for over twelve years and heals through her presence and open heart. She has traveled nearly every corner of the world on the path of enlightenment and has visited many of the most sacred places on earth that have provided her with a diverse prospective on life and spirituality.

Hillary spent two months in the yoga capital of the world Rishikesh, India and became a 300 hour certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. She also trained in Los Angeles at Golden Bridge with Gurmukh, and is a 220 hour certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. She has many certifications including Prenatal Yoga and Lightworker energy healing. She has attended numerous workshops and seminars studying with some of the world’s leading yoga and spirituality teachers.

Hillary has been teaching yoga and meditation for five years in N. America, India and Bali and has shared her teachings with many underprivileged children.

Hillary has developed her own style of teaching in which she blends: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, crystal energy healing, guided meditation, Kundalini pranayama and meditation, essential oils and deep relaxation.

The healing power of yoga and meditation has transformed her life and it is her passion to spread this healing to others. Her mission is to provide you with techniques that will help you expand your awareness and remember your Grace.

How I met my soul partner!

This journey of my life began in January 2013 when I went to Auroville, India for one month. Auroville is one of the most healing places I have ever been to and I woke up every day to the sunrise, feeling a deep profound connection to the divine. One of the most heart opening experiences… Continue Reading →

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The Awe-Inspiring Power Of Your Heart

One of the most powerful moments of my life was when I experienced the love within myself during my Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge. I was in a deep meditation when I had a profound heart opening that took over my entire being; I felt so much love exuding from my heart. It… Continue Reading →

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Are You Ready To Meet Frustration With Love?

After an intense seven month journey around the world, one of the most important gifts I feel I have received is to show more compassion for human suffering. Suffering can come in many forms but the form I have seen it show up in the most as of late is anger and frustration. I recently… Continue Reading →

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The Power Of Not Knowing!

Throughout my journey around the world the last six months, I have come to terms with the fact that I just don’t know all that I thought I knew. I have no idea what is going to happen past this very moment, so I have stopped trying to pretend that I do. I have transitioned… Continue Reading →

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Just Because You Cannot See It, Does Not Mean It Is Not There!

Have you ever gotten stuck in the illusion of the physical reality around you and felt that you are not being truly loved and supported? What helps you see the love through the illusion? I have been traveling the world for the past six months and have been blessed with the opportunity to see places… Continue Reading →

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See Through The Illusion – All Is Love!

If you could choose to see love through all would you? Or would you want to hold onto anger? Some people like to hold onto a little bit of anger around what someone did to them in the past, feeling this anger may somehow protect themselves from it happening again. A story is created of… Continue Reading →

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My Journey Up Arunachala Hill – The Mountain Of Shiva!

This divine journey began at Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram. Sri Ramana Maharshi is known as one of the greatest sages of modern time. He experienced a deep spiritual transformation at the age of sixteen and left home to Arunachala Hill in search of his father. He later said, “When I left home; I was like… Continue Reading →

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Do Not Be Afraid Of Your Light Being Seen!

Upon arriving to India, someone told me that they felt some energy blocking my heart. That I was holding something back. I could also feel that this was true. I wanted to spend time alone and hide, since I was feeling too sensitive to be seen. I wanted to protect my energy, and kept feeling… Continue Reading →

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Love From Auroville, India – City Of The Future!

I am in a place so magical that I had not even heard of a few months ago. I had to almost pinch myself the first few days here; it feels like a whole different world. Auroville is called the city of the future and is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in South… Continue Reading →

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Through The Mud, The Lotus Is Formed!

The lotus has many healing properties and is a symbol of compassion. It becomes this by growing through the mud. Challenges provide an opportunity for you to grow into a source of healing. My ego mind has felt that my life experience has been very challenging the past few months. The ego mind likes to… Continue Reading →

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Seek Oneness First And All Else Will Be Added To You!

I received this from my father after he went through a very challenging human experience and then merged into oneness of Spirit. I found this message so inspirational that I wanted to share it with The Daily Love community. The message is similar to what I have been reading in A Course in Miracles, even… Continue Reading →

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Non – Judgment!

We are judged from the day we are born by our skin color, weight, our facial features and we don’t even know who we are yet. As we start to identify with being a human, we start to judge ourselves. As begin to judge ourselves, we also start judging others. On the spiritual path we… Continue Reading →

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