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About Jacob Sokol

“Jacob Sokol is a life-coach from NYC who helps young adults find their purpose and create extraordinary lives. He is the founder of www.Sensophy.com and the author of Living On Purpose.”

Whose Voice Is In Your Head?

You know that voice in your head? What’s the deal with that? Where’s it come from? And is it possible to shut it off? Is it the voice of reason or is it sabotaging reluctance? Perhaps the biggest question is… Whose voice is it really? “Pain of mind is worse than pain of body.” – Latin… Continue Reading →

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The Paradox of Uncertainty!

You ever feel a pressure to pick the *perfect* path in your life? Technically the options are endless but it feels like there’s nowhere to start. How do you know what’s realistic and what’s a straight-up pipe-dream? You wanna make an impact, you wanna stack cake, and you wanna be emotionally rewarded. But what exactly do you… Continue Reading →

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