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Jenna Phillips

About Jenna Phillips

Jenna Phillips, founder of I’m On A Mission™, was dealt a challenging hand when she was in a head trauma accident in the middle of her senior year of high school. She woke up from a coma with brain damage and was coincidentally diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The doctors said she would not graduate on time or ever fully recover from her brain damage. They also discouraged her from exercise, as “it would be too difficult to maintain normal blood sugar levels.” She proved her doctors wrong as she graduated on time and made a full recovery. Her dedication to overcome anything that stood in her way was in full effect. She majored in Nutrition in college and found ways to reduce her insulin levels with smarter lifestyle choices. Jenna became passionate about fitness and made “living with diabetes” a non-issue. In 2005, she became certified in Spinning and Pilates Plus and quickly developed a very loyal following and dedicated clientele because of her knack for sculpting bodies with loving energy.

Jenna’s vision for reaching the masses beyond the walls of the gym inspired her to develop her own fitness hybrid of cardio and weight training with a Pilates emphasis. In 2007, she began her own mission to inspire as many people as possible and brought her method outdoors. People follow Jenna through the trenches of impossibilities while they discover that they have all the tools they need to accomplish their own mission. She guides their ship and sets them free. Her Agents on a Mission always surpass their own expectations. The truest breath of fresh air is that her approach to achieving optimal wellness doesn’t end with “calories in, calories out.” As a certified holistic lifestyle coach, Jenna empowers her clients’ minds, strengthens their bodies, and energizers their spirits. “We become the best versions of ourselves when we truly love all that we are,” she says. “Impossibilities exist only in our noggins. There is nothing we cannot do, be, have, achieve, or accomplish.”

Who Decided That Celebrating Ourselves Means We’re Conceited?

I don’t know who started this belief that: saying, “I•▲M beautiful/sexy/brilliant/powerful!” also means that we are SO full of ourselves. We find shame in “talking ourselves up” or “celebrating our own accomplishments” while we find ease and grace in acknowledging others. This shows up in every area of our life, but mostly in the relationship… Continue Reading →

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If You Were A Boat, Would You Stay In The Harbor?

We are CONTROL freaks. We’re huge fans of knowing every possible detail before making our next move. The “unknown” is a scary place. That’s why many of us are afraid to die – we just aren’t sure what happens on the other side. We have our own faith, based upon our own personal belief system, and… Continue Reading →

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The Most Valuable ‘Thing’ You Can Give To Anyone

This blog goes out to all of my fellow entrepreneurs and Love Ninjas who are on a mission to make this world a better place. The natural ebb and flow of life allows us to experience highs and lows, abundance and scarcity, and love and fear. Without having those dips in our energy or life,… Continue Reading →

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Step AWAY From The Scale!

The other day, I got a Facebook message from a teenage girl who asked me how she can quickly lose weight since prom wasn’t too far away. She believed that she needed to lose 15 pounds so she had recently started to exercise and eat more consciously. She said that she weighs herself every single… Continue Reading →

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Here’s Why You Actually SHOULD Do What You Want!

Yes, I know. I used that profane word, “SHOULD”. I most often intentionally do not use it, and I usually cringe when I hear I someone “shoulding” all over themselves. I choose to use the words “get to” instead of “should” because I do believe that everything in life is a choice and/or a privilege…. Continue Reading →

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Be Responsible And Get Your Power Back!

There’s a very fine line between doing something on purpose and simply being the source of everything that happens in the world around you. It’s actually a very blurred line because there isn’t a difference between the two. What isn’t blurry to me, however, is the notion of personal responsibility for EVERYTHING. We’re quick to… Continue Reading →

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Say YES to Life!

What if you could say, “YES!” to anything you wanted? What if you said yes to the stuff that you REALLY wanted for your own personal life, and not the stuff that would simply please others? That would be FREEDOM on so many levels, and it’s available for ALL of us: not ONLY the affluent… Continue Reading →

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Be A Boss Without Being Bossy!

Every single one of us has a purpose, and some of us take our mission in life to a level that requires a team of people to support our vision. If you’re reading this, you know that being a leader is a big responsibility. That’s not because of items next to bullet points on a… Continue Reading →

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You Do NOT Have To Prove Yourself To ANYONE!

As a soul sister to many, I often find myself being called upon for a variety of supporting reasons. Today, I got a phone call from a fellow goddess and she was in absolute disarray. She was, well, a hot mess. Her boyfriend was calling it quits and he was on his way out of… Continue Reading →

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How YOUR Love Can Change The World!

If you’re reading this blog, you love Love. You subscribe to it. You believe in it. And you know that Love can heal just about anything. Love, as we know it, is limitless. It’s perfect. It’s truth. It’s the ONE thing that every single one of us is born with – no matter our race, demographic,… Continue Reading →

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A Cloudless Sky Will Prevent Your Growth!

When we hear a weather report stating cloudless skies are on the horizon, we’re delighted for the forecast of perfection. We know we won’t be huddled under an awning before we get enough courage to sprint to the next one while the rain pours all over us. We love having a blemish-free canvas of a… Continue Reading →

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Leadership: Defined!

With Nelson Mandela’s recent departure from this planet, I’ve been really connected to what’s possible in the realm of world change. As an Anti-Apartheid revolutionary, he changed the way history would have been through his philanthropic and political efforts. He was ONE man, had ONE life, and changed the lives of MILLIONS of people. He… Continue Reading →

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