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Big Heart Bragging Or Inspiration?

“The more public we are with our generosity, the more generosity it will inspire.”                      -Danielle LaPorte I tweeted something that, when I saw it in my feed, sounded pretty boastful. Or at least sounded like I was bragging about my charitable acts. Traditionally, charity is… Continue Reading →

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My Grandpa and MLK Jr.

Grandpa & Halcyon – Peers with Greatness My grandfather ( was a baptist minister and worked with Martin Luther King Jr. during some “Baptist Week” activities in 1962 in Denver, Colorado. (Grandpa was also was the inspiration for a previous The Daily Love post about Gratitude.) Growing up, I had a photo of my grandpa… Continue Reading →

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Practice Makes Present!

“Practice makes perfect.”  I’ve heard this my whole life. And “not practicing” is a recipe for failure – my fourth grade piano teacher made sure I knew that. I like to be good at something right away.  Unfortunately, it rarely works like that. This has kept me from experiencing things that I’m pretty sure I… Continue Reading →

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‘Look for the Helpers’

On the morning of the Connecticut shooting, a number of people messaged me, “Would you mind taking over the airwaves and do a Hug Nation for the world, now, please?” One of Hug Nation’s mottos is, “The world would rather hug you than hurt you.” I could understand why people needed to hear that message…. Continue Reading →

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Grateful Grandpa!

I was lucky to spend an afternoon a week with my grandfather during the last three years of his life. When I was young, he taught me how to fish and how to fly a kite.  But it was his final lesson that changed my life: Living in gratitude. He was in his 90’s and… Continue Reading →

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