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Katherine Preston

About Katherine Preston

A native Londoner, Katherine Preston was born in 1984 to an English mother and an American father. At the age of seven she inexplicably lost her previously ‘normal’ voice and faced the terror and hopelessness of communicating with the world through a stutter. Having graduated from Durham University with a BA in History she was working as a financial writer when the idea for Out With It took hold. At the age of twenty-four she left her home and career in London and moved to America to conduct research. She slept on strangers' sofas, drove across the country and interviewed over a hundred different stutterers, therapists and researchers to finally face her fear of stuttering. Her first book, Out With It, chronicles her journey into finding self-acceptance.

Today Katherine is working as a freelance writer, public speaker and as the the Creative Director of a young cell phone recycling start-up called ExchangeMyPhone.

The Myth Of Normality!

I have stuttered for most of my memorable life. For much of that time, I would have quite liked to hide it, to pretend that I was ‘normal’, to squeeze myself awkwardly into a cookie-cutter mold. And yet, as much as I would have liked to be fluent, my stutter had other plans. Fours years… Continue Reading →

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