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Miracle on the Trail – Finding The Uni-verse In a Crisis!

It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon as my friend, Carey*(not her real name) and I guided our horses along our favorite trail in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. We had been riding together for years, even going on week-long riding vacations to exotic locations. Today’s ride was particularly important to me. My mother had… Continue Reading →

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How To Expand Your Creative Potential In A Big Way!

We have lived with a linear thinking model for the last three or five thousand years. We have competed with each other, ranked each other, identified who was the top of the corporate ladder, who had the greenest lawns and smartest children and thought in terms of who’s on top and who’s on the bottom…. Continue Reading →

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The Creative Breath!

As artists, we spend years learning and doing our art. We practice, rehearse, take lessons. We put our focus on the creative act, whether painting, writing, photographing, dancing, sculpting, composing or playing music. Yet, there’s another part of our creative work that gets far less attention, but can be just as important. It’s the moment… Continue Reading →

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What Is A Spiritual Creative?

Most of us who are in the arts define ourselves as creative.  Many of us who also are committed to a spiritual life may have heard this term “a Spiritual Creative” and used it to identify ourselves. What does it mean? Why is it an important term as a motivator for our creative lives? A… Continue Reading →

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