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Mandy Rain is taking it to the next level as a pop singing sensation and actress, best known for her star turn as an original member of the group, School Gyrls.

Make A Choice, Spread Love

I had an experience recently that has stayed on my mind. At an event I attended, I met two very different people. First, while walking the event’s red carpet, I was asked by a blog reporter about the news that Amy Winehouse had died the previous week. But it was the way the question was… Continue Reading →

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Shine On In The Face of The Haters

Everyone feels it—no matter what face they might put on for the rest of the world. Even some people who seem to have it all sometimes struggle with self-esteem. Lady Gaga, for example-she’s very open about how she sometimes still feels like that picked-on kid from high school. You might feel like “it’s just me”,… Continue Reading →

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