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Affecting The Outcome For The Better

It took me a long time to learn what goes into making a great relationship. I found that I never really wanted to take full responsibility for my own actions in the matter. It took a huge amount of strength to be able to own up to how what I felt deep inside affected how… Continue Reading →

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How Do We Find Joy In The Monotony Of It All?

I asked myself this question when I was driving to meet a friend last night. I was waiting at a stop light with the windows down when the most consuming, delicious smell wafted my way. I looked around to see where it might be coming from and figured it must have been one of the… Continue Reading →

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Weeding My Garden

Late last year I simply had had enough. I think I’ve always made the most change in my life when I’ve exhausted myself – when I wasn’t wanting to experience the same emotions anymore. So that led me to suddenly come to a crossroads. I felt the urge to question what was important to me… Continue Reading →

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Peace for the Past

I think one of the keys to life, happiness and success is about learning and always moving forward. We have to learn from the experiences we have, the heartaches we go through and continue to move past them into the light of a new day of opportunity. Too many times did I lose sight of… Continue Reading →

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Keys To Living To Our Highest Potential

I have realized now that I have spent most of my life in fear. Fear of allowing myself complete freedom with abandonment to be who I truly wished to be. I grew up with a slight mentality that I was never good enough. Not even knowing where that feeling came from, I questioned almost every… Continue Reading →

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