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Mollie Angelheart

About Mollie Angelheart

After graduating from the prestigious CalArts film program, Mollie began her career in entertainment working for the urban A&R department Epic at Sony Music under the guidance and teaching of Max Gousse. Her entrepreneurial spirit was quickly realized with the founding of Majestic Studios, which rapidly became the recording home for many artists on the Epic and Electra labels in addition to Virgin and many others. Mollie’s personal artistic talents manifested themselves in the form of poetry and spoken word where she recorded several albums, appeared on the HBO series Def Poetry Jam, as well as the groundbreaking documentary Sp!t.

Seeing The Hero In All Of Us!

If you were to poll my community about who I am, 299 out of 300 people would say I am generous. I would also classify myself that way.  I always give more than I take, invest in friends and family, give to charities, let 6 people live with me who don’t pay rent, always buy… Continue Reading →

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The Good & Bad News About My Dreams!

I am afraid I have done it all wrong! I am confronted with how my life looks right now!! I am 33, getting a divorce, working every day for over a year with no days off with the exception Christmas and Thanksgiving, living in a house I can’t afford, struggling to raise funds for my… Continue Reading →

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Always Come Back To Love!

I am the good the bad the right the wrong !! I am the big mouthed, big boobed bitch. I pride my self on ” being different” than the rest of my “spiritual loving family “. In fact I stopped following the daily love on Twitter because I could not take all the love. When… Continue Reading →

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