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Nelson Bowen

About Nelson Bowen

Nelson Bowen was born in Fayetteville North Carolina in 1989, he would then be relocate to the greater Washington D.C. area with his mother. From the early age of 5 years old there was a great call on Nelson’s life. Nelson would begin preaching the bible at the age of 8 and fell in love with the idea of being in church. Which later would land him the nickname “churchboy.”

Nelson has stapled his life off of the idea that Christians are not perfect just forgiven, and has committed his life to not only receiving God’s best, but seeing others live on the most optimum level of life that God has called them to live. Over the next two years a full pledge ministry is in the works named INgage, and his first book is set to be released entitled “A Fathers Love or the Lack Thereof." Currently Nelson Bowen resides in St. Louis, MO working and serving at the St. Louis Dream Center under the direction of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Check Yo’ Perspective!

“The main problem, isn’t the problem, but the perspective that you have of the problem”. I don’t care where you are in life, one thing that will always arise and be there waiting for you are problems. Problems never leave nor disappear, in fact the more success that you gain, the more problems you may… Continue Reading →

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