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Ralph Marston

About Ralph Marston

Back in 1995 I started writing the messages as part of another website. Within a few months, the response was so positive that The Daily Motivator took on a life of its own. After five years or so, subscription sales and book sales were providing a modest income, and since that time the website has grown to the point where I am able to devote all my working hours to it. Which is a good thing, since it requires a good bit of time and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have always been interested in personal development, and have studied hundreds of books and tape programs over the years. I have applied many of the concepts I've learned, to my own life and business, and have developed a “real world” knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Many people are curious about my religious affiliation. I am a Christian (member of the United Methodist Church). Although The Daily Motivator is not intended to be a religious publication, my writing is certainly influenced by Christian teachings and concepts

The richness

I don’t need you to like me. I simply offer my life, my love, my words and my actions, as sincerely as I know how. I don’t care if you believe me. We all can see truth, and it remains truth regardless of what anyone says or does. I don’t claim to have any secret… Continue Reading →

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Uniquely and Authentically You

Your job is not to impress anybody with how much you can be like somebody else. You are here to be uniquely and authentically you. Your job is not to prove how much you know. You are here to show, in the way you live each moment, how much you care. Nothing really has to… Continue Reading →

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Give to this day

Instead of obsessing over what you can get out of today, look for ways to put more of yourself into this day. What gifts can you give today that will never break down or rust away? What words can you offer that will turn into unending treasures? What joys can you create today that will… Continue Reading →

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To simply be

What an incredible experience it is to be. To simply be. The problems, the dramas, the annoyances, the frustrations—they are not part of who you truly are. They have no right and no reason to get you down. The only power they have is the power you decide to give them. And you can rise… Continue Reading →

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