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About Samantha Sutton

Samantha Sutton, Ph.D. is a life coach, or "life engineer," who holds a Ph.D. in science and engineering from MIT. She is passionate about helping brilliant people like you (whether you believe it or not) live brilliant lives, on your terms.

With her unique combination of science and coaching, Samantha has founded Samantha Sutton Ph.D. Life Solutions, to teach you how to build a career you love, heal your marriage, find love, master your time, or overcome negative emotions like anxiety or anger that have you paralyzed. She offers a set of deep, intuitive, and practical tools to consciously re-work how you think on the inside so you can change your world on the outside. The end result: a complete life that you love.

Samantha has coached thousands of individuals and also at institutions like Stanford, Columbia and the National Cancer Institute.

What’s Under Your Nose?

Have you ever been unable to see something that is under your very nose? Maybe it’s something small, like realizing that sesame seeds are the cause of that weird rash that started when you went on your sushi kick. Or maybe it is something big, like seeing that your best friend actually is the love… Continue Reading →

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Read My Face

Have you ever noticed how, when you tell someone big news, like that you are pregnant or that your in-laws are moving into town, the other person pauses for a split second to look to you for the all-important cue about how they should react: is this good news, or bad news? After all, no… Continue Reading →

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The Power of A Posse

One of the things I most love about my company is the people. Yes, they are brilliant. Yes, they are caring. Yes, they are on a mission to contribute to the world. But one of the things I love most about them is how, together, we create “magic” for each other. This magic comes from… Continue Reading →

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Why? Because I Say So.

I recently sat next to a man from New Foundland, Canada who was an avid New Orleans Saints football fan. This puzzled me. I asked him why: had he once lived in New Orleans? Dated someone from there? Nope. He had just decided one day that he wanted to be a Saints fan, and so… Continue Reading →

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Change Your Mind About Money

Of the top five areas that my clients typically want to work on (career, love, money, body, time), money is the one that seems to feel the most rigid and hard to change. After all, your job pays $X, your expenses are $Y, and there is something that feels very “out of my hands” about… Continue Reading →

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Freeing Scared Animals

We humans are animals, and it’s usually a good idea to remember that. Although I have never witnessed this in person, I have been told that when an animal gets its paw stuck in a trap, it will bite and attack the person who tries to free it. You really can’t blame the animal: it… Continue Reading →

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Pursue Joy, Not Happiness

When I ask people why they come to coach with me, one of the common responses is, “I want to be happier.” I have thought a lot about happiness over the years, and I am seeing that this term is actually pretty vague and needs honing in order to be something worth shooting for. Merriam… Continue Reading →

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Make Each Day Count!

We all know that each day is a gift. We might not have another, and so we should make today count. And yet, how many of us actually heed this advice? A good intention lasts ten seconds, until the kids start crying, we open an inbox full of 200 new messages, or we just feel… Continue Reading →

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The Inner Stoic Takes A Back Seat

Something that you might not know about me at first glance is that I can be stoic. I am writing about it today because I think this hidden stoicism is more common among us than we know or admit. My inner stoicism takes the form of not caring about the results that I get. Sure,… Continue Reading →

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Dancing With My Future Self

Did you ever watch one of those time-travel movies and wish that you could meet the “you” of the future? I certainly have. Who will I have become in 20 years? What will I have done? What will become of all of the seeds I planted in my 30s? But what if I CAN see… Continue Reading →

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Debunking Your Wacky Food Beliefs!

The other day, I laughed harder than I have laughed in a while. I wasn’t at a comedy club or hit movie. I was talking with two of my buddies, with whom I am putting together a weight loss workshop, about how wacky we used to be about food. Now that I am on the… Continue Reading →

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Are You A Good Team Player?

Whether it’s at work, in a family, or in a community organization, much of your time is likely spent with a team. Are you making sure that your team thrives? Or are you tolerating mediocrity? Is the team floundering, and you blame the one or two “bad eggs”? I’ve helped myself and others design great… Continue Reading →

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